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Online gambling is truly global. No matter where you are in the world, people are gambling on their laptops, phones and tablets, not to mention in physical casinos and gambling resorts. Of course, in some countries, you’d get your hands chopped off for daring to have so much fun – but where it’s legal, casino gambling is still a favoured way to pass the time.

People around the world have different tastes, and different ideas of how they enjoy spending their gambling time. Sometimes this is influenced by players following the money, in particular with progressive slots which are big business worldwide. Sometimes it’s to do with a preference for skill based games, or cultural and historical links to a particular game. Whatever the reasons, let’s look at how gamblers in different countries like to spend their time.

United States Casino Games

us-casinoA survey into gaming habits in the United States was carried out in 2014, with some surprising findings. By far and away the biggest ‘favourite’ type of game was slots, with 48% of those asked responding positively. This was followed next by blackjack, favoured by 16% of respondents. It’s clear, then, that the United States like slots above all, and by a considerable margin.

Third to blackjack is actually no clear preference, which came from 14% of players, followed by the 6% that were poker fans and the 5% roulette players respectively.

These are stats that are backed up by stats from Las Vegas, the global capital of gambling. Slot machines account for more revenue along the strip than any other casino game. This is probably due to the lack of skill involved, and the fact that there’s no real conscious effort required to win. Anyone can hit it lucky on the next spin, and when you consider the size of some of the jackpots on offer, it’s pretty obvious why slots retain their attraction.

Canada’s Gambling Habits

ca-casinos-gameCanada has an ingrained gambling culture, with a higher percentage of people gambling on a regular basis than in the United States, and indeed many other countries. Like the US, Canadian gamblers are heavily into slots, both online and in land based casinos where they account for similarly high portions of casino income. This is perhaps not a surprise, given the close proximity of Canada to the US, but there is still no doubt that it’s gambling habits remain somewhat different.

Blackjack is the other strong performer in Canada, both online and in land-based casinos. Between them both, they account for the vast majority of gaming in Canada, and correspondingly high revenue shares for casinos and gaming site operators.

When In Rome…

italy-mapIf you want to gamble like an Italian, you’ll probably give slots a miss. While they are on the rise in Italian casinos, they remain dwarfed in preference to roulette and blackjack. Roulette has more heritage in Europe than slots, having been played throughout the continent for centuries. This has stuck as the skill game of choice for Italian gamblers, but few would bet against this changing in line with wider gambling industry habits in future.

Blackjack is another strong favourite, and seems still to be the preferred skill game of gamblers in Italy.

France’s Preferred Games

france-flagLike their Italian neighbours, the French have a penchant for more classic table games. This is probably what you’d expect, especially given that France is the home of roulette.

The game’s name literally translates as ‘little wheel’, and was developed in 17th century France in the first place. Arguably one of France’s most famous global cultural exports, roulette remains the number one game amongst French gamblers, both online and in land based casinos.

Gambling in Australia

australian-flagGambling is particularly prominent in Australia, with as much as 80% of the population taking part in gambling on a regular basis. You read that correctly – 80%. This is impressive by anyone’s standards, and by definition must include a decent number of little old ladies, probably secretly winning mega bucks from home.

Gambling online is particularly prevalent here too – imagine living in Australia and trying to play in a land based casino. You might have to travel 600 miles to get there. Screw that – it’s much better to play online or on your mobile. The Aussies have a preference for slots (or ‘pokies’ as they call them), which continues to be the main form of casino gambling in the region.

The British Way

uk-mapThe UK is another slots devotee, with 68% of gambling activity on slots machines over other types of casino games. This is followed up by table games like roulette at 15% and card games at 7% respectively. In some ways, UK gambling preferences are different from their European counterparts, and more similar to those in the US – albeit with a bigger bias to slots online over other games.

It’s clear that depending on where you live, you’ll probably be more or less inclined to play certain games. Part of the reason could also be the differences in the maturity of different gambling markets, which might suggest a trend towards slots and alternative online games over time.

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