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Video Poker is quite a new game; it has been around for somewhere 30 years and started to grow in popularity with the development of Internet and online casinos. It is one of the most popular casino games nowadays. The game involves not only luck but also skills, owing to the fact that Video Poker is a hybrid of basic five-card poker and a slot machine. This game offers a low house advantage, the possibility of big wins, and the anonymity of playing alone.

You perhaps know that the casino always has the advantage over the player, but we can say for sure that video poker is an exception to this rule. If you try to find the most liberal paytables, play the game properly, you can have a tiny advantage. Some paytables, which are slightly in the machine’s favour, can return about 100%, taking into consideration some incentives such as bonuses, cash back, and comp points.

One of the reasons to this game popularity is the simplicity. You choose the game, bet from 1 to 5 coins, then the machine deal you five cards, you have to choose which card/cards to hold and which ones to discard, you will be dealt other cards to replace your discards and paid you out according to the value of your hand.

Nowadays gaming software companies, for example, Microgaming, Playtech, RTG, Net Entertainment and others, offer a great variety of video poker games. There are single hand games as well as multi hand ones. There are games with different bonus features such as Bonus Poker Deluxe or Double Bonus and progressive ones, for example, Jackpot Deuces and SuperJax.

Land-based video poker VS online games

Today you can also play video poker at a land-based casino. The real casinos like the online ones also offer a good number of video poker variations. But you can’t certainly beat the convenience of moving to various games with a few clicks of the mouse. More than that, when gambling online you may play several games at once. However, nothing can compare with the stunning atmosphere of a land-based casino; the roar of a crowd, clinking and blinking of thousands of machines, excitement and thrill all around. All this is really striking! In addition to playing video poker you can earn casino comps to be used then for free meals, drinks and shows you can enjoy.

Online video poker games can’t offer players the same social gaming experience but they offer convenience as you needn’t leave your home and play on your PC or on the go on your mobile or tablet. You can earn loyalty points to be then redeemed into casino credits instead of free drinks and meals.

It’s up to you, whether to play online or at a land-based casino. It depends on your location and interests. If you prefer convenience and the better chances of winning, then online casinos are the right place for you. If you are in it for the whole experience, then a real gambling establishment will be more to your liking. There isn’t right or wrong opinion, it is more about what will suit you best.

Where to play video poker online?

Today there are very few casinos without a good collection of video poker games. To help players to make the right choice, we have made a list of the top-rated casinos below offering video poker along with full reviews and bonus information so you can find the perfect video poker casino for your needs. Online casinos in our list ensure safety and security of personal and financial information as well as fair gaming. All of them use random number generator to guarantee unpredictable results of every spin. You can visit all these casinos and try as many video poker games as you can for free to choose the casino and game or games you like most. then you can open a real money account and try your luck!

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