Online Сasino Slots Guide: Find a Loose Slot Machine at a Casino!


There is not a single online casino all around that wouldn’t offer slot games. There are so many slots varieties that a new player may lose his way in them. You can play simple classic slots and feature-rich multi-line video slots. Almost all casinos offer progressive slots where you can win a progressive jackpot worth of mega-millions. This handy chart gives you the ins and outs of what top-rated online casinos have in terms of slots and our reviews will tell you what to expect.

Slots machines became popular as soon as were invented at the end of the 19th century. People played the one-arm bandit machines in shops, bars and gambling houses around the US, then this game appeared in the Old World. People played slots in 1930s, 1950s, 1970s as well as 2000s. This game has never lost its popularity and its popularity has skyrocketed after invention of internet and mobile gaming.

You can play slots at land-based casinos as well as online. Slots vary very much. There are classic machines and video slots. All of them are based on different themes, for example, Mythology, Ancient Egypt, Detective Stories, Horror, Sport, and so on. All casinos renew their collection of slots on a regular basis to please every existing player and draw a new one.

100% match bonus based on first deposit of £/$/€20+. Additional bonuses.
100% match bonus based on first deposit of £/$/€20+. Additional bonuses.

Online Slot Machines: How to Play

To play slots is very easy. You needn’t learn any complex rules like in blackjack, remember different combinations or symbols. All you have to do is to choose a slot you like most, place a bet and spin the reels. Then wait for the result that depends on the matches of symbols on the reels and the combination of symbols in paytable. Below there are some steps to do to start the game (browse here full guide "how to play slots"):

  1. Choose the slot you are going to play (classic, video, progressive, or bonus).
  2. Select the coin denomination and make the bet.
  3. Set the number of coins per line and if you are playing a multi line slot set the number of lines.
  4. Click the Spin button to make the reels spin. If you want you can click the Bet Max button to make all the paylines active and start spinning automatically.

As soon as the reels stop, the game checks matching symbols automatically and shows the winning combinations if there are any.

Online slots allow saving your time and money when it comes to travelling to the land-based casino, accommodation, and restaurants. You can play on your PC or laptop without leaving your home. There are hosts of online gambling venues on the web and all of them have slots. Moreover, slot machines are the main part of every casino. When you’re a real money account player you can also get access to lots of promotions such as the sign up bonus, reload bonuses, and other regular promotions to play slots.

There are very many slots available online. For example, Microgaming has more than 600 titles, Playtech offers about 300 games, RTG has about 100 slots. The number of slots grows every month. Online slots vary according to their theme, structure and type. There are 3 reel classic slots; 5 reel video machines; bonus slots; fruit machines, multiplayer games and progressive slots. Modern slots have cutting-edge graphics, true-to-life sound effects and hassle free gameplay.

The most popular games are those with the progressive jackpot. These slots arouse players with their multimillion jackpots. Everyone dreams of becoming an instant millionaire! Such games as Mega Moolah and Major Millions, Mega Fortune and Hall of Gods, Beach Life and Marvel Slots made a good number of players rich. The record wins are an over €6 million Mega Moolah jackpot; €7,6 Hall of Gods jackpot; $8 million Beach Life jackpot and a huge over $17 million Mega Fortune jackpot.

You can also play your favourite slots whenever you want from your mobile device and tablets. There are plenty of mobile slots available now and there are already big winners. A lucky player hit Mega Moolah and took home over $2 million.

All slots use Random Number Generator to ensure fair gaming. Most online casinos especially powered by world’s leading software developers such Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, etc. follow strict industry standards and regularly tested and audited by different independent organisations. Many of the casinos have an eCogra Seal of approval on to guarantee their customers safety and security.

All in all, whether you play slots in a land-based casino or online, have fun while gambling!

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Online slots

When you like playing slots online or just going to start doing this, you may ask yourself a question whether this game fair or not? Of course, everyone remembers old stories about the one-armed bandit machines which were adjusted in such a way that no one could win. Today we deal with completely different devices and technologies. So, let’s have a look at the technology behind this popular casino game. But you should understand one thing; we’re going to speak about the games developed by well-known gaming software companies and available in well-established and reputable gambling venues.

What games should we choose?

Good casino slot machines are developed by famous gaming software providers like microgaming, playtech, net entertainment, rtg and some others. All of them are licensed and known in the industry. This means they are heavily checked and tested by independent organisations to guarantee that their games adhere to declared rtps (return to player) and use rngs (random number generator) to ensure fair play.

Not only must gaming developers have a license, but also online casinos need to be licensed and regulated by a recognized body in order to offer their services to customers. This guarantees fair play free from fraud and cheating.

What are RNGs?

Random number generator (rng) is a computer algorithm built in every slot machine. This means it generates totally random numbers, cards or when it comes to slots symbols on the reels. Rng is a guarantee of fair play. You may be sure no one human is able to predict an outcome of a game when playing a slot online, and everyone has an equal chance to win.

Be aware of the fact that each slot is a kind of a computer programme which doesn’t know you and it makes no difference at all how long you’ve been playing that machine. It has not got a memory, even if it seems to you it has if you’re on a losing streak. And once you’ve won big, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do it again on the same machine. The outcome of every spin is random and can’t be controlled by anyone.


What stands behind RTPs?

The rtp or return to player is a casino term meaning the odds on your winning on any given game. It is given in per cents, so when gambling at an online casino you may read that, for example, ‘rtp: 96%’ attached to a slot game. This number tells you how much a game is expected to pay back to a player. Let’s see an example. If you see a slot you’re going to play has a 96% rtp rate, it means for every $100 wagered on that game, you will get back $96.

You may think, the higher the rtp is, the more you win, especially in the long run. However, don’t expect that every time you’ve wagered $100 you will get $96 back. We speak about an average number. Moreover, you should think about this percentage as a lodestar. The slots with a slightly lower payout percentage may give you even bigger wins.

This happens because of ‘variance’ describing the payouts expected from a machine. A slot that has high variance pays out more rarely but you can win bigger amounts, whereas a slot with lower variance is hit more frequently but gives a player smaller wins. However, the rtp remains a helpful thing and you’d better play online slot games with high rtp rates, something like 95% and higher.

For beginners

How to play online slots

To start playing you should know some simple things:

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Online slots types

The world of slots is boundless. There are a good number of slots variations and gaming software companies continue inventing something new. Below you will find all now existing types of slots from classic to multi line video games.



Land-based slots

If you like to be around people and want to get a real casino and more social experience, choose a land-based casino to play slots. Just imagine you can feel an unreal casino ambience: noise of a crowd, blinking of thousands of displays, the clinking sounds of thousands of machines being played at once. You can develop your own gaming strategy, watching for a machine that have not been hit for long then choose the right moment for playing that machine in hopes to make a killing.

You can come to the land-based casino with your friend or friends and play alongside. Regular players can get free drinks, meals and hotel stays. It’s great to gamble at the land-based casinos, but if you can’t stand busy places, tumult, then stay at home and play slots online.

Slots in a nutshell| Infographic

Playing slot games is fun and easy, even for newbies.

  1. You bet a coin or coins.
  2. Push the Spin Button.
  3. Compare the results to the slot’s payout table.
  4. Once hearing the slot machine ringing or screaming ‘Hooray!’ means you’ve hit a winning combination.

Take your time to choose slot machine or machines to spin and how much money to spend and how long to play in them; we have prepared for you the list below. Select wisely and it will help to increase your winnings.
Beyond that, it is all entertainment!
Best slot machine casinos.

Progressive slots

Progressive slot machines are games that offer a progressive jackpot as the top win. There are jackpots you can win once you have collected a certain winning combination whereas there are games with random jackpot. The progressive jackpot grows every time a player at any online casino all over the world makes a bet on that progressive slot.