Online Slot Odds

100% match bonus based on first deposit of £/$/€20+. Additional bonuses.
100% match bonus based on first deposit of £/$/€20+. Additional bonuses.

When we speak about the slot machines, we should understand that the odds can be quite misleading. I have had the perfect opportunity to see it in practice in Las Vegas.

Once playing lucky seven I saw a couple at the next slot machine, we start talking with Harry when he won a hundred dollars. He hit it after only an hour of the play and we began to discuss different manners of playing slot games. Harry told me about his view, in a case he won some small amount of money he changes the slot machine, because the previous one wouldn’t pay out again the same evening also he tried to spend the winnings in small portions during the evening. But in my opinion this stratagem was wrong and the system had to work in the following way, the more money you spent the more you got. Harry tried to eliminate the risk factor and avoid of spending much money playing slots. In such a way he played minimum bets, so when he hit the winning combination the prize was tiny. Harry was the member of the slots club and took part in the different tournaments and always followed his strategy. I told him my opinion and advised to try spending some regular amount, in that way when he would win the next time he would get a nice payout.

Harry decided to try ma strategy the next day and we could see the result, because it really worked.

At the beginning he made some small bets, but after some insignificant prizes he changed his mind and started playing max. As the result he won some nice sum, which he could spend the next evening, playing small bets according to his strategy here and there he probably never hit such prize.

In that way with the help of this example I made sure that the idea of small bets and constant machines’ changing didn’t work, it was much more reliable to make bigger bet and finally get significant profit.