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Remember the old days? I can still hear the screech of the dial-up modem, that unforgettable combination of beeps, bleeps and white noise. The days when making a simple phone call meant you had to drop your Internet connection and go through the whole painstaking process again to pick up what you were doing.

Fortunately, the development of broadband has put an end to this torment for most people. But there are still some relics of the past that you do come across from time to time, particularly in the online gambling industry.

Now, casinos today are much better than they used to be - trust me. Back in the day, you had to wait for hours to download casino software, install it on your system and then create an account. Unless you had a whole evening spare, it was pretty much impossible to set up an casino account and try your luck.

While download casinos remain popular in the modern age, there are thankfully now plenty of alternatives that mean you don’t have to go through all the rigmarole. No download casinos are the future of desktop gaming, and a much smoother way to get things up and running.

Of course, mobile has also become a huge deal for online gambling, as well as for anyone using the Internet for virtually anything. Even your Gran probably has a smartphone these days...and she can now use it to take full advantage of mobile casinos, and the best games developers have to offer for mobile tech.

So what’s the deal with these casinos, and what should you be looking out for(how to choose a mobile casino) when choosing how and where to play? Let’s delve in deeper and find out.

What Is A No Download Casino?

In the words of Julie Andrews (the Sound of Music, philistines!), let’s start at the very beginning. A no download casino is, unsurprisingly, a casino that doesn’t force a download platform before you can get started. These casinos often run on an interface that means while there is no download required, you can still access the latest and best games from your desktop, or indeed mobile device.

These are casinos where you log-on and play in browser in most cases, offering you a lightning fast, high quality gaming experience. On mobile casinos too, these are casinos that don’t force you to download an app, so you can login on virtually any device with the same username and password, and simply pick up from where you left off.

What Is The Best No Download Casino?

You’ve come to the right place. It’s hard to give a blanket answer that one casino or another is definitely the best, but there’s are clearly some that are better than others. Our recommended casinos all specify no download needed, so there will be no download required if you want to set up an account there. There are also free casino games/no download with bonuses, which you’ll find is a great way to kick things off in the money.

With that in mind, here are a few of our top recommendations for no download casinos:

Can I Play No Download Casinos For Free?

Yes, that won’t be a problem. You can play casino games for free in demo mode with no download casinos, just as you can with downloadable casino software. There are also obviously free spins and bonuses, which can be used to get you free play for real money winnings, if that’s more up your street.

However you want to play it, it’s definitely possible to enjoy no download casino gaming without having to put up any of your own money. Of course, you’ll probably want to deposit eventually, because I’m assuming you came here to win money...while it’s possible to win real money from free play, by far your best bet is to do so with some bankroll behind you.

Can I Play On A Mac?

This is another common query that comes up, especially from players who are used to compatibility issues with downloading casino software. Yes, you can play on a Mac - in fact, when you’re playing instant play, you can play from virtually any device, including mobiles or tablets in their own browser.

As long as you have Flash, or the software to play these games (which is installed by default on most Macs, so no worries there), you can enjoy gaming in style from any device, all without the need for a single download.

Security and Support at No Download Casinos

Security is paramount, both in terms of protecting your data and your balance, as well as ensuring that the games are fair and free from interference. Whether you’re playing online and in-browser or downloading, the risk profile is the same - and you can bet your bottom dollar that casinos are pulling out all the stops to keep you as safe and secure as possible.

It transpires that no download casinos are amongst the safest and most secure ways you can play casino games, with no scope for accidentally downloading a virus or similar malware at the same time. Instead, it’s a completely clean, ‘cloud’ experience, where you’re just playing the game on the casino’s website directly.

Support-wise, you’ll usually find you have fewer issues on the technical, because these games are designed to work perfectly in your browser - so long as you can access the website, you can play these games. If you do need support, you’ll find no download casinos are just as robust as any other in offering a helping hand.

The Pros and Cons of No Download Casinos


  • No download required: There’s no faffing about - just head over to the site, login and you can get started. Perfect for anyone who is hoping for a quick or casual game.
  • No technical issues: It’s seamless. If you’re on the website, you can play the game right there and then, with technical issues a very slim possibility.
  • Compatible with any device: No matter if you’re playing at home, work, college, on your mobile or wherever, your games are compatible with any device you choose.


  • Less good graphics: Some people prefer the totally immersive experience download casinos provide. However, in practice the graphics with no download casinos are as slick as any you’ll find, and the gaming experience doesn’t really miss anything from download casinos.
  • Requires compatible browser: Unless your casino offers a mobile app, you’ll need to play on a mobile browser, for example. Again, this usually isn’t a big deal, and most of the casinos we recommend offers apps in any case, so it’s not really a problem.

Ultimately, no download casinos are very similar to their download counterparts, except for one obvious difference - you don’t need to go through any downloading or installation process. This means you can get down the action and start gaming from the second you sign up for an account.

What Is A Mobile Casino?

So far, so good. So what about mobile casinos?

Mobile casinos are casinos specifically designed for smartphone and tablet players. Typically, they may require the download of an app of some kind, or it might be the case that they are easily playable in your browser. But in both cases, you can expect a casino experience that’s optimised for mobile, and in particular for screen sizing, so you can enjoy your favourite games in their full, responsive glory.

How To Play Mobile Casino Games

The beauty of modern mobile casinos is that the games are virtually no different from those you can play on desktop. So when it comes to playing mobile slots for example, you can expect that you’re going to be looking at a pretty similar offering to that which you’d find on desktop. Not every game is available on mobile, but you won’t be stuck for choice. And there are still the same huge jackpots on offer, particularly with progressive slots, that you’d find on the desktop version of your chosen casino site.

The basic idea is the same - you still choose how much to deposit, how much to bet, and when and how to spin or use your bonuses. The only tangible difference is that you’re talking about playing on a mobile, instead of playing on a desktop.

How To Choose A Mobile Casino Site

Now we’re getting into the nitty gritty - how do you actually choose between different mobile casino sites. Depending on your personal preference, you might attach more weight to some of these points than others. But broadly speaking, you need to make sure your casino is:

Trustworthy: above all, can you trust this casino with your money? All our recommendations have a proven track record of being trusted places to gamble online, as well as all the required licensing and accreditation we regard as essential before signing up. This is the most important feature of all, and if you pick an untrustworthy casino, you might as well not bother.

Offers Good Bonuses: next up, you want to find a casino that has good bonuses and promotions available. This is like free money (almost), and is the perfect way to explore new games, or even a new casino, before deciding whether to commit long term. Good bonus offers also mean more chances to win, risk free, so it’s almost always a very good idea.

Wide Selection of Games: Games are ultimately what it’s all about, no? Always make games a priority when reviewing different casinos, because you want a range and selection that means you won’t get bored too easily. The more games you can gather together, the better a position you’ll be in when you fancy moving on from your core selection of favourites. Trust me, it’s easier to decide now, than to sign up for another casino later if you don’t like what you see.

Decent Payout and Withdrawals: I’ve lost count of the number of complaints I’ve heard from players who have had difficulty actually getting their hands on their winnings. A track record of decent payouts and withdrawals is a basic sign of fairness in our view, and one of the primary things we’ll look for before recommending any particular casino. Do your homework here, and avoid disappointment later on.

Range of Platforms: Finally, you want to make sure your chosen casino has a good range of platforms that suits your gaming needs. I’m talking about download casinos, no download casinos, mobile casinos, and all other computations - it’s always better to research this first, before choosing a particular casino, so you don’t have to switch again later down the line.

What Is The Best Mobile Casino?

Again, this is a hard one to just speculate straight off the bat, because it’s almost impossible to know which is best and which isn’t for different players. We tend to recommend 32Red mobile casino or Jackpot City as our first ports of call, because in our experience they offer the right combination of high quality games and an impressive customer package.

But the answer depends on where in the world you live, and particularly for UK and US players, there are some key distinctions to bear in mind.

Best UK Mobile Casinos

The UK has some of the best options for mobile in the world. For players in the UK, there are a number of mobile casinos we recommend, including:

  • Bet365 Vegas
  • 32Red
  • Betway Casino
  • Vegas Paradise
  • Mobile Wins
  • mFortune
  • The Hippodrome

Best US Mobile Casinos

The situation in the US is a little different, because not every mobile casino accepts US players. However, there are still decent options available, and we can happily recommend any of the following:

  • Lucky Red
  • Slots of Vegas
  • Sloto Cash
  • Miami Club
  • Planet 7
  • Bovada

Best Bonuses for Mobile Casinos

Mobile casinos are no strangers to offering bonuses. Their promotions are similar to those you’ll find with desktop casinos, so expect things like signup bonuses, free no deposit bonus codes and other incentives to get you started.

There are also wagering requirements involved with any bonus you claim, and these are met in much the same way as on desktop. While there are usually separate bonuses for mobile and desktop players, it may even be possible to use your bonus credit across different platforms in the same account, for maximum convenience.

No Deposit Bonus Codes: These codes give you a free bonus without the need to deposit. You can use this free cash to win real money, although you will need to deposit before you are able to withdraw, and any winnings will be subject to maximum win restrictions.

Free Signup Bonuses: Like standard sign up bonuses with regular casinos, there are sign up bonuses designed to welcome you in with your first deposits. This is usually expressed as a percentage of your deposit, usually 100% of the first several deposits you make into your casino account. You will need to deposit to trigger the bonus, as well as meeting the wagering requirements specified in the bonus terms.

Can I Use The Same Account As The Desktop Version?

One of the best things about mobile casinos that also have desktop versions is you can easily switch between platforms with the same account. So if you win money on your mobile, you’ll still be able to play with the same bankroll on your laptop, all with same login credentials.

Can I Play Every Game?

Unfortunately, not every single game you’ll find in desktop casinos makes the grade on mobile, and the selection of games is somewhat diminished compared to full online casinos. However, you’re unlikely to run out of games to play. While you might miss live casino games in some mobile casinos, the bulk of your favourites will be there, and certainly the majority of slots are available on mobile.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Casinos

Mobile casinos today are almost indistinguishable from online casinos, and certainly in terms of their games and the overall player experience, it’s tough to pick a winner. They are both as good as each other, but there are some distinct advantages and disadvantages with mobile casinos.


  • Play on the go: Mobile casinos allow you to play on the move, either through an app or through your phone’s browser.
  • Gaming in your pocket: With a full casino in your pocket, anytime can be playtime. It certainly makes train journeys a lot quicker.
  • Good bonuses & games: Mobile casinos offer games and bonuses that are as good as anything you’d find with online casinos. Welcome bonuses, free spins, no deposit bonuses and others are commonplace, with games that will rival the best of the desktop casinos.


  • More limited game selection: There are usually a smaller selection of games on mobile...but who’s counting? There’s still plenty enough to hold your attention.
  • Smaller screen space: Even if you’re playing on a tablet, you’ll have less screen to play with on a mobile casino. However, that doesn’t affect how playable the games are - it’s as much fun to win on mobile as it is on desktop.

Mobile gambling sites are on the rise | Statistics

Mobile gambling is on the up, with mobile casino game spending on Apple iOS alone up 55% from November 2013 to November 2014, with the numbers expected to be even stronger this year.

Social and gaming has had a massive input into the growth of mobile gaming sites and now people are making in-app purchases when there is no chance of winning money in the game. So far, social gaming has had the biggest input into the actual spend, with the majority of the $2.7 billion (£1.76 billion) spent annually on best mobile casinos being spent on social games.

The figures come from analyst firm App Annie, which claims that casino game revenue was up to $100 million (£65 million) in the year leading up to November 2014. Card game revenue was considered separately and was up to $150 million (£97.8 million), which was a leap of 50% over the previous year.

These figures all came from the Apple App Store, but Google Play posted even better results with casino and card game revenue up 105%.

Zynga, one of the biggest social gaming companies in the world, reported that social gaming revenues rose 30% to $199 million (£130 million) this year and credited its mobile phone casino games for much of the increase. Virtual goods, or in-app purchases, were pegged at $174 million (£113.5 million) this year across all platforms, but mobile sales rose 30% to $115 million (£75 million). That means that mobile technology has taken over as the major money earner when it comes to social gaming, which could mean a seismic shift in gambling online is on the way.

The launch of the new iPhone Plus this year means that more people will have access to pay by mobile slots no deposit device with a larger screen, increased speed and better functionality. This means that game designers will have much more freedom to create new and exciting best mobile gambling sites. The advent of the Apple Watch could increase demand, too, with simple games that can be played with gestures expected to produce stellar results.

The figures for this year will be interesting, as mobile casino no deposit bonus games have gone to the next level and it’s hard to see how the industry can do anything other than increase its profits exponentially in 2015.