World’s Online Casinos that Accept PayPal – A Friend Indeed?

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Out looking for quick payouts, irreproachable security and easy and simple deposits? Make sure you pick a casino that accepts PayPal to tick all boxes.

As PayPal becomes more and more popular on the market, it’s easier and easier to come across the logo wherever you go. Still, not all casinos offer the best service for your money. Below you’ll find information on the best PayPal casinos according to players (Gaming Club Casino , which was ranked the highest, is at the top of the list).

Best Online Casinos for PayPal

Bonus %
Bovada Casino
$ 3000
Slots.Lv Casino
$ 1000

PayPal is undoubtedly the world’s leading eWallet for online payments. Since it was set up in 1998, it has grown to become the de-facto service of choice for buying and selling just about everything online. Even your mother has a PayPal account…probably.

Virtually everyone uses or has used PayPal at some stage or another, for sending and receiving money online.

When it comes to gambling with PayPal, it’s a slightly different story. While a large number of online shops and ecommerce sites accept the eWallet, casino sites are in an altogether different position.

  • Create paypal account
  • Login in casino
  • Go to Cashier
  • Choose Paypal
  • Fill in amount of deposit
  • Make deposit
  • Start Play

PayPal doesn’t allow its service to be used by any old casino, and with good reason. They set the bar for using their service high, when it comes to gambling transactions. What this means is that when you do see a casino that accepts PayPal deposits and/or withdrawals, you can be sure you’re dealing with a legitimate, trustworthy site.

Why Casinos with PayPal?

There are dozens of good reasons to use the eWallet, where available for your casino deposits and withdrawals.

  • You Probably Already Have An Account: it is so widely used, you probably already have an account, or have at least made payments via PayPal in the past. If you haven’t it’s easy to open an account in a matter of minutes, and you can do so in the knowledge that PayPal is the most widely accepted eWallet service anywhere online.
  • Long Track Record: PayPal didn’t just appear overnight – they’ve been going for decades, and have a long track record of transparent, safe and secure payment processing. If they were up to no good, you can be sure they’d have been found out by now. Millions of people use this payment system every day without difficulty or concern, making it by some distance the world’s foremost online payment processing service.
  • Buyer Protection: When you pay via the eWallet, it’s not like handing over cash. They have built-in buyer protection systems, including arbitration and dispute functions, so you can be sure you’re never getting ripped off when you transact via the system. Claims are often resolved in favour of the buyer, and most merchants would agree that PayPal buyers are in a privileged position over other customers, in terms of the levels of protection in place.
  • Security: the system is regulated, and adheres to some of the strictest compliance codes in the world. They hold European banking licenses, among other accreditations, which place a high threshold on companies operating with financial data and transactional information. You can rely on this as being some of the most stringent financial regulation in existence. What better way to sleep easy at night, knowing your payments and, crucially, your data is rigorously protected, by one of the most trusted payment brands in the world.
  • Convenience & Speed: Aside from being probably the most secure online payment method there is, it’s also highly convenient, and quick for processing transactions – a major benefit for those who gambling at an online casino that take PayPal for online transactions. No more waiting around for days for your payment to be reconciled – when you deposit into a casino account via the eWallet, it’s instantly reflected in the casino’s account, and virtually instantly updated in your bankroll. The same applies in the other direction – payments received are instant the moment they are processed, and you can withdraw that money straight to your bank account from there.
  • Ditch Your Bank Card: When you’re making payments, you don’t need to type in your card number, or even have your bank details to hand. As long as you remember your email address and your password, you can send payments anywhere without having to physically get your wallet and card out.
  • Protect Your Account Details: Of course, when you’re paying by PayPal, the receiver doesn’t ever have to see any of your account details. All they see is that a payment has been received from your email address – no sensitive information is passed across. That’s good for those who have the most concerns about security, or feel reluctant to hand over their bank details online. You only need to give your most sensitive information to PayPal – beyond that, no-one else ever handles your payment information.

When it comes to casino deposits and withdrawals by PayPal specifically, there’s another key advantage. Every casino presents the own list of deposit methods, and many will simply refuse to accept PayPal payments. That’s a product of the security of the system as much as anything else.

They have strict restrictions on handling gambling transactions, and only approved casino operators are allowed to accept deposits via PayPal. Whenever you see PayPal as a payment option, you can be satisfied that you’re looking at the real deal – a site that probably treats its customers fairly, and remains in PayPal’s ‘good books’, usually as a result of a proven track record of responsible payment handling.

So Can I Use PayPal to Fund My Casino Account?

This depends on a couple of factors, including where you’re from. For our readers from the UK, you’ll be fine to make payments via PayPal to your casino account as a rule. The same applies to those in Sweden, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and Austria.

Perhaps the biggest exception to that rule it the USA. Along with Canada, Australia and a number of others, you simply won’t be able to use this system for gambling transactions if you’re in the US, or if you are playing with a casino based in any of these territories.

In any event, not every casino is able to accept PayPal payments. In fact, it’s a minority that can accept payments in this way…

Why Can’t I Use PayPal At Every Casino?

The system have their own restrictive terms in place, designed to limit how widely their service can be used by online casinos and gambling services. This is often down to the laws in specific countries, including some express restrictions on payment processors and banks from handling gambling transactions in some territories.

It is also more selective about the gambling business they accept than in certain other sectors. This is a product of an industry that has more than its fair share of dodgy dealers – something PayPal simply does not want to be associated with.

Indeed, there are obligations on PayPal to ensure that any casinos they do work with are safe and above board, and this is in part responsible for their approach to working with only a select number of casinos.

The most common reasons PayPal isn’t accepted come down to the countries of origin, either for the players, or for the casino operators concerned. This is unlikely to change any time soon, but it does mean that those casinos that can offer PayPal can distinguish themselves from the pack. So essentially, when you do see a PayPal casino, you already have a pretty good idea they’re going to be fair, legitimate and honest with you and your money.

The Current Situation With US Players

The situation for gamblers in the US has been complicated for a while now. At a Federal level, restrictions on gambling make it difficult for players to do so, in part by limiting casino operators from accepting US customers, while also restricting US banks and payment processors from handling the proceeds of gambling.

But confusion arises in the current climate, where a number of individual US states are taking steps to legitimise online gambling, and to get rid of these draconian regulations. While the US gradually catches up with much of the rest of the world in recognising gambling as a legitimate activity online, there remains a lack of will on the part of PayPal to relent.

This is understandable, given that they have a wider business to protect. With uncertainty arising from the conflict between state and Federal laws and attitudes in the US, it’s probably still safer for the payment system to avoid the question altogether.

US players are still unable to use PayPal for gambling, and that’s a position that isn’t expected to change in the near future. If gambling becomes more widely accepted in the US, this could change in the distant future, but it seems to be far from a pressing issue for Federal legislators at the moment.

Microgaming Casinos That Accept PayPal

Fans of Microgaming games will be delighted to learn that there are a number of leading casinos hooked up to accept PayPal transactions. The world’s leading casino games developer is seen in the industry as a badge of trust for any casino carrying its games, so it’s a doubly good sign if a Microgaming casino accepts PayPal.

List of Microgaming gambling sites that take paypal:

NetEnt Casinos That Accept PayPal Deposits

NetEnt is another widely praised game developer, particularly known for their high quality slots. The Swedish company has relationships with some of the world’s leading casinos, and is right up there with Microgaming in terms of the quality of their games, the size of their jackpots, and most importantly, the trustworthiness of their platform.

Again, NetEnt casinos that accept PayPal are usually a good place to start if you’re looking for somewhere reputable with some amazing games. While the list of NetEnt casinos accepting PayPal is smaller than with Microgaming, there are still enough to keep you busy. Check out the following list of NetEnt casinos that accept PayPal:

Live Casinos List

Live casinos bring you one step closer to the action, with real live dealers and games broadcast over a video link. Live casinos are no stranger to the eWallets either, and the following list shows some of the best destinations for live gaming action through your payment account.

Online Slots With PayPal

A large number of Microgaming casinos accept PayPal. Some of their most widely played slots, which you can play through your account, include:

While there aren’t as many NetEnt casinos geared up to accept deposits via the eWallet, they’re still the next biggest source of PayPal-friendly slots. You can use your funds to play a number of classic NetEnt titles, like:

PayPal Mobile Casinos

MobileWhen it comes to choosing a mobile casino, you are similarly spoiled for choice. A number of leading mobile casinos are now able to accept your deposits, and even in some cases pay withdrawals, through yourthe process is pretty straightforward. account, including:

How can I load my casino account with PayPal?

When it comes to actually loading up your casino account with PayPal, the process is pretty straightforward. The payment system is known for its convenience, and this extends as one of the main advantages for online casino fans using this payment method. Essentially, with your eWallet, you can load up your account in seconds, which means you can start wagering sharpish – there’s no much time spent hanging around.

1. Find the casino you want to play at. Check out our PayPal casino list, or have a read through our detailed casino reviews. Take care when choosing a casino – simply offering PayPal shouldn’t be the benchmark. We can help you find a good casino to start your gambling journey.

2. Sign up for an account with that casino. Once you’ve found the casino of your dreams, you’re going to need to set up your account. Make sure you’re familiar with any welcome or deposit bonus offers that they might be running – that could come in handy in a moment.

3. Find the Deposit option. Every online casino makes it obvious how you deposit money into your account. You need to find the banking or deposit option within your user account, and click on the link to begin the process of funding your casino account.

4. Decide on your deposit amount. How much do you want to deposit? Bear in mind that if you are hoping for a matched deposit bonus, the size of your deposit will determine the size of the free credit allocated to your account. You only get one chance for the first deposit, so choose your amount wisely.

5. Choose PayPal as your deposit method. Select it from the available deposit methods presented to you…obviously. This will usually bring you to a PayPal login screen, where you’ll need to login to your account to authorise the payment.

6. Complete the payment process. Work your way through the simple, intuitive payment process to complete the transaction. Please note – you don’t need to have any money in your PayPal account already to fund your deposit. As long as it’s hooked up to your payment cards and/or bank account, the system can pull the money directly. So you’re free to deposit till your heart’s content, however much you currently have sitting in your account.

Can I withdraw my winnings with PayPal?

Withdrawing through PayPal is usually as simple as it is to deposit. However, it’s important to be aware that not all casinos that allow PayPal deposits will also be setup to process withdrawals. It’s worth checking out the individual policy of every casino before deciding where to play – otherwise, you may have to settle for an alternative payment method when it comes time to withdraw.

In those casinos that do support PayPal withdrawals, you typically find these are amongst the fastest payouts available. You’ll still have to jump through the usual hoops in terms of identity verification and processing – but once that’s all complete, you should have your payment processed in just a couple of days, and once the money has been sent, it’s instantly yours to withdraw from the system.

Depending on the age and standing of your account, withdrawing this money to your bank account can be instant, or it can take a couple of hours, or even up to 72 hours further from here. Rest assured that the more you use your account, the quicker your withdrawals from PayPal to your bank account will be in future, and after just a few transactions, you should be looking at instant payment withdrawals from your account.

Are there any casinos that offer bonuses when I deposit with PayPal?

Of course. Most casinos offer bonuses to attract new players, and those which accept PayPal are no different. Typically, when you’re looking at a PayPal casino with bonuses, you will want to bear a few key factors in mind.

  • The Deposit Bonus Offer: In most cases, a deposit bonus comes in the form of a percentage match, depending on your first deposit. If the bonus is a 100% match up to £200, you need to deposit £200 in order to get £200 in free bonus credit. If you deposit £10, you’ll only get £10. So it pays to have a think about how much bonus you want, and to choose your deposit amount accordingly.
  • Open To PayPal Deposits?: Make sure that the bonus offer extends to PayPal deposits. This is generally the case, but every casino is different, so it’s worth the extra few seconds it takes to be double-sure you’re eligible according to the bonus terms.
  • Wagering Requirements: While you might be able to claim a bonus on your PayPal deposit, this is always accompanied by wagering requirements – essentially, a minimum number of times you need to turnover the deposit amount, the bonus amount, or both, before you will be eligible to withdraw your funds.
  • Maximum Withdrawals and Other Terms: Maximum withdrawals and other restrictions may also apply depending on the casino. The lesson here is that you need to read all of the bonus terms and conditions whenever you come across a PayPal casino bonus, just to make sure you understand what’s really going on with the bonuses.

You can find some great bonuses at the following casinos:

Do I have to pay any fees to deposit or withdraw at the casino?

There are no fees to deposit through the payment system, and most casinos who accept PayPal are happy to cover the fees their end. Of course, this is always worth double checking so you can be sure, because different casinos do have different policies.

However, when a casino offers PayPal, it’s generally a sign that they want to encourage customers to sign up and deposit through this payment method. As a result, you are unlikely to get charged for either deposits or withdrawals through the payment system.

One thing to be aware of is that you might have to absorb some fees in terms of receiving your withdrawals through PayPal, in the usual way. Depending on your account type, they take a percentage of every in-bound transaction, so you’re left with a slightly smaller net amount. But you won’t be too bothered by that when it’s time to withdraw your jackpot winnings.

Have there been any complaints?

PayPal is a huge company, with hundreds of millions of users. In fact, with 200 million open accounts, even a 0.1% complaint rate would mean 200,000 unhappy customers. And it only takes one to make a huge noise online.

There are complaints with PayPal, and then there are complaints with the casinos offering PayPal payments. In general, the bulk of complaints are to do with casinos not paying out through PayPal – but that’s nothing to do with the system. It’s more about players breaching casino terms, or having some other disagreement with the casino.

There are some horror stories from PayPal users who have had accounts closed, or subject to further verification, but this is incredibly rare, and certainly doesn’t affect gambling transactions any more than it does people buying shoes.

While you might find the odd complaint about using the payment method for online gambling here and there, the vast, vast majority of players who use PayPal do so without any problems, ever.

PayPal Casinos Summary

PayPal remains one of the best ways to do your banking with online and mobile casinos. The sheer flexibility and convenience of PayPal means that once you use it for the first time, you’ll almost certainly use it time after time again. The average active PayPal account completed 29 transactions a year, a testament to the usability of their service.

As far as your casino deposits and withdrawals are concerned, it’s an easy, secure, safe way to move money to and from your casino account. While it’s not the perfect service, it’s as close as there is, and is still by some distance the best method for moving your money around online.

PayPal Сasinos list

How can I open a Paypal account?

Opening a PayPal account is easy. Here’s our step by step guide to getting your account up and running, if you don’t have one already.

1. Head over to

2. Click the ‘Sign Up For Free’ button.

3. Enter your main email address and choose a corresponding password for your account. You’ll use these credentials whenever you login, or whenever you make a payment via PayPal.

4. Complete the form with your own personal info as requested.

5. Attach your bank account and payment cards to your account when prompted.

6. Check your email for a confirmation link. You’ll need to click this in order to activate your account.

7. Complete the process of linking your payment cards. In some cases, PayPal will deposit two small amounts of money into your nominated accounts. When these show up, you simply enter the numerical value of these deposits within your PayPal account, so PayPal knows it’s dealing with the right person.

Before you have completed all the relevant verifications, both of your email and your payment cards, your account will be subject to limitations – both on the amount of money you can send, and the amount that you can withdraw.

Once you have completed the activation process, you’ll be free to use your PayPal account without any of these limits in force.

The PayPal Story


PayPal is so widely used online, at times it feels like it must have been around forever. It was founded back in 1998 – essentially the stone age of the Internet, let alone online gambling. As a result, they’ve benefited from their early-bird advantage, in becoming the payment method of choice for both consumers and businesses for small transactions.

It began life with an altogether different mission and it was originally a company called Confinity, which was set up to develop security solutions for the emerging market for handheld devices at the time. The company was founded by Peter Thiel, Ken Howery, Max Levchin, and Luke Nosek, and arrived at the technology for facilitating online payments while developing their core business.

By 1999, the service that would become PayPal was starting to look like a viable Cofinity product. It was officially launched as a service in the same year under the Xfinity brand, and quickly took off amongst early web users.

Confinity and

At the same time, a certain Elon Musk was already making similar moves in the online payments market. His company,, was one of the first examples of an online bank, working closely with Barclays to offer a suite of banking services exclusively for online customers.

The two companies merged in 2000, and the name was carried across to the new entity, in what would be the first significant step on the company’s journey to global payments domination.

Recognising the potential importance of the payments side of the business, Musk decided to scale back his core operations with, and instead turn his focus to developing the payments systems. The company was rebranded as PayPal in 2001, and their efforts to improve and scale the product started to gather pace.

IPO and eBay

A year later, PayPal was facing its first public offering, which generated capital of $61 million at a rate of $13 per share. Later in the same year, the company was bought by auction giant eBay for $1.5 billion, which would help catapult the service into the mainstream.

Within months, PayPal was already an accepted payment method on as many as 70% of eBay product listings, and a significant 25% of all transactional volume on the site was being handled by it. By becoming the default payment method for eBay transactions, the service continued to grow into the behemoth we know today.

Present Day

Fast forward to now, and PayPal can lay claim to over 200 million user accounts, and over 15 million merchant accounts. Their 2016 revenue is expected to be just shy of $11 billion, with over 5 billion individual payments processed each year.