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Check your wallet right now. I’d bet decent money you’ve got at least one MasterCard in there – what odds would you give me on that? As one of the world’s favourite ways to pay by plastic, MasterCard has a reach that makes other card issuers blush, as arguably one of the top two non-cash payment methods most commonly used every day across the globe.

That’s backed up in numbers. 160 million transactions are processed on MasterCard every hour. It’s hard to even imagine the sheer scale of this – there are literally millions of transactions being processed every minute, and hundreds of thousands of transactions being processed every second. You don’t get to this kind of scale unless you’re doing something right.

When it comes to using a MasterCard online, and more specifically, for funding your gambling bankroll, it’s a convenient, safe, and straightforward choice. Plus, you probably won’t have to open a new account or fill in any online forms to put your card to use.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get stuck into our definitive guide to gambling with MasterCard, to see for yourself why it’s one of the main payment methods preferred by gamblers worldwide.

  • Create MasterCard account
  • Login in casino
  • Go to Cashier
  • Choose MasterCard
  • Fill in amount of deposit
  • Make deposit
  • Start Play
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Why MasterCard?

So we’ve already seen just how powerful MasterCard is – you don’t get to the level of processing pretty much half of the world’s card transactions for nothing. But specifically for us online gamblers, MasterCard is an easy way to move your money to, and sometimes from, your gambling account. Here are the main reasons it’s such a popular choice.

  • Convenience: MasterCard is a convenient payment method, that doesn’t require you to login or set up a new account to put it to use. In fact, you can use your MasterCard in much the same way as you would for any other transaction. Simply punch in your card numbers when prompted on the deposit screen, and away you go.
  • Instant Money Transfers and Withdrawals: When you’re paying or withdrawing by MasterCard, the process of transferring funds is instant. Compare that to an eWallet like PayPal or Skrill – this is a one-step process, where you simply press the button and your transaction is done. No mucking about, no messing around – just instantaneous action, on your command.
  • Security: This is a big one, and a feature of MasterCard that is so often overlooked in day to day use. MasterCard is one of the most secure forms of payment in the world, protecting you from fraud and theft with every transaction. Obviously you should still protect your card numbers and personal information, like you otherwise would – but you can do it safe in the knowledge you’re doing business on one of the most secure financial platforms in existence.
  • Cashback: Another biggy, some MasterCard products allow you to earn cashback on your spending. That applies as much to deposits to your online casino account as it does to buying a pair of shoes…except those shoes won’t make you any money. Unless you’re a postman. Cashback means you can earn 1%, 2% or sometimes more back on the value of your purchases, helping you keep the costs of your gambling down, while making you a little bit richer than if you’d played with a debit card. Nice touch, MasterCard.
  • Volume Deposits: Sometimes you don’t want to mess about transferring £10 here, £20 there. When you want to deal in more substantial sums of money, MasterCard is your friend. MasterCard supports much larger deposits and withdrawals than other payment methods, so is perhaps unsurprisingly the card of choice for high rollers and big casino gamblers.

MasterCard vs. Other Payment Options

When you’re choosing how to send or receive funds from your casino account, it’s always worth comparing with the other payment methods open to you. If you could choose to send by Paypal, or by MasterCard, which is better? Or should you consider Skrill, NETELLER, or some other method?

At a broad stroke, it’s generally worth considering MasterCard over an alternative when you’re looking for something that is….

More Secure: Their security is hard to beat. Even other payment giants wish they had access to the security infrastructure that MasterCard has on side. This is a huge payments company – as you’d expect, they are more than on the ball on the security side.

Lower/No Fees: This one depends on your card type, and on the casino you’re playing with, but generally while there are some fees, these are comparatively low. Most casinos won’t charge you to deposit through MasterCard although some will, while sometimes you may incur fees depending on the terms of your credit agreement. But broadly, it’s a lower cost way to do your gambling banking than some other options.

Always Accepted: Another challenge for you – find me a casino that doesn’t accept MasterCard. You’re probably going to be struggling, so don’t waste too much of your time – take my word for it instead. You’ll never have any problem finding a casino willing to take your MasterCard payment, so it’s a good catch-all if you enjoy casino-hopping, or you play through multiple different accounts.

More Payment Flexibility: Choose when and how to repay your bill at the end of the month, without needing to constantly stump up the cash up front. It’s always good to have a bit of breathing space with your gambling bankroll, and most MasterCards allow just that. Plus, you can choose to break up repayments, to pay in a lump sum, or just generally to be as flexible as you need to be to make your numbers add up.

Can I Use a MasterCard at any Casino?

The straight answer is: yes! All casinos accept MasterCard, so you’ll never have any problems making a deposit. While most won’t allow you to withdraw, some even make this possible too, in which case it’s the ideal payment method for your gaming activity.

US MasterCard Casinos

If you hold a US MasterCard, you’re probably more likely to be the exception, rather than the rule. Luckily, there are still a number of sites that accept players with US MasterCards, including:

  • 888 Casino
  • Betfair Casino
  • Bet365
  • All Slots Casino
  • Casino.com

Microgaming Casinos Accepting MasterCard

One of the leading software developers for online casinos in the world, it would be bordering on criminal if you couldn’t find Microgaming casinos to accept your MasterCard deposit. Think of this like the coming together of two beautiful products, like the best in show getting it on and having puppies.

If you like the finer things in life, you’re going to love this synergy, found at plenty of casinos, including:

  • BetVictor
  • Royal Panda
  • EuroGrand
  • William Hill Casino
  • 888 Casino
  • Casino Action
  • Casino Kingdom
  • 32Red Casino

NetEnt Casinos Accepting MasterCard

As MasterCard is to VISA, NetEnt is to Microgaming. At this level, with such high quality games, jackpots and bonuses, it makes little difference whether you prefer one to the other. While the games are different, they are both software development companies with an amazing reputation. You’ll have fun either way.

The list of NetEnt casinos accepting MasterCard deposits is virtually endless, but if you’re looking for ideas, check out some of the following:

  • 888 Casino
  • Royal Panda
  • Hello Casino
  • Best Casino
  • Mr Smith Casino
  • BGO
  • Guts Casino

Live Casinos Accepting MasterCard

Live casinos are becoming an increasingly big deal, giving players the chance to hookup with live dealers and physical games via live streaming. Think of it like being at the casino, without having to leave home – heck, you can play in your pants if you fancy it. No-one can judge you, but the experience you get playing at live casinos is as close to the real thing as it comes online.

Again, there are plenty of live casinos who are ready and willing to accept deposits via MasterCard, too many to list, in fact. Here are but a few:

  • 5Dimes
  • 888 Live
  • Sky Casino
  • Bovada
  • Plus loads more.

Mobile Casinos Accepting MasterCard

Mobile casinos are now opening up their doors to more players, and with them, more MasterCard transactions. You’ll be able to play on the go with your MasterCard at plenty of mobile casinos, including:

  • Royal Panda
  • BetVictor
  • William Hill Casino
  • 888 Casino
  • Casino Action
  • Casino Kingdom
  • 32Red Casino

How To Use MasterCard To Load Your Casino Account

This is a really simple process – I mean, if you can’t instinctively make a payment with a MasterCard online, you’re doing something seriously wrong.

In case you do need a helping hands, it’s pretty straightforward…

Step 1: Sign up for a casino account. We’ve got plenty of recommendations for you, and you’ll find our top rated casinos throughout this site.

Step 2: Choose a deposit based on the bonus. Always take a look at the bonus offers before depositing. It might be that you want to trigger a bonus, and take advantage of a free welcome offer by depositing more than usual through your first deposit. Find out the bonus terms first, so you know how much you want to deposit.

Step 3: Head to the deposit page, or banking tab. Once you’re ready, it’s time to find the banking tab, deposit and withdrawals page, or whatever the equivalent is at your casino of choice. Luckily, they tend to make these easy pages to find,

Step 4: Enter your deposit amount and card numbers as prompted. When you’re preparing to make your withdrawal, simply choose MasterCard as your payment option, and enter your relevant card numbers and deposit amount when asked to do so.

Step 5: Viola! It’s time to gamble. Once you’ve entered your details, that’s it – you’re ready to get started. There shouldn’t be any more messing about, such is the beauty and simplicity of playing with MasterCard. So you can get straight down to business, instantly. Nice.

Can I Withdraw Winnings Through MasterCard?

This is where things can get a little…sticky. As a general rule, you won’t be able to withdraw any winnings through MasterCard. It’s just not possible, or so says the vast majority of casinos you’ll deal with. There are, however, some exceptions. Some casinos have managed somehow to warp the space/time continuum, finding a way to miraculously send your withdrawals back to your MasterCard. We’re not sure exactly how they pull it off, and if you can find a decent casino that does this, go for it. It’s just that in the overwhelming majority of cases, you will need a secondary payment method for getting your hands on your withdrawals.

Are There Any Casinos That Offer Bonuses When I Deposit With MasterCard?

Yes – you’ll find that most casino bonuses are eligible for players depositing through MasterCard, and when it’s a deposit match bonus, you’re looking at an exact match on your money – regardless of which type of card you use to pay it in. Any of our casinos with recommended bonuses will support MasterCard payments – the only exception would be some kind of specific Skrill bonus or something, but these are much less common now than they used to be. In virtually all cases, you’ll still get exactly the same bonus from your MasterCard deposit.

Do I Have To Pay Any Fees To Deposit and Withdraw Via MasterCard?

There are usually some fees to pay via your MasterCard, although this will vary from casino to casino. There may also be card charges, but you need to speak to your card issuer about that – in most cases, probably not, but it might be an issue, so it’s best to check ahead of time.

The Downsides

There are some downsides of using a MasterCard, believe it or not, and while the benefits vastly outweigh the drawbacks, it’s important to take the rough with the smooth. In no particular order, you’re going to want to look out for the following:

Some Fees: There are some fees associated with MasterCard transactions, and you may be liable for processing fees for deposits and withdrawals. Again, this can vary from casino to casino, and depending on the type of MasterCard you hold, but it’s always well sign-posted during the deposit phase so you can avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Limited Withdrawals Support: Unfortunately, most casinos don’t offer support for withdrawals to MasterCard. This is a product of MasterCard, rather than something the casinos are choosing to implement. That said, there are a few casinos that use some tricks and workarounds to make this possible. If in doubt, be sure to check whether you can withdraw to your MasterCard ahead of time. If not, you should still be able to withdraw to your bank account, so no big deal really.

US Customers: US customers can have problems using MasterCard, a hangover from the antiquated Federal Wire Act that causes so many headaches for players and operators stateside. There are some casinos that will accept players with US MasterCards, but be sure to consult our list above to avoid learning yourself the hard way – trust me, it will save you time and frustration to find out now, rather than finding the casino has blocked your withdrawals later down the line.

Lack of Confidentiality: This is a specific point, but some people simply don’t want gambling transactions showing up on their statements. No need to explain why…I understand. Unfortunately, MasterCard isn’t as discreet as they could be, and so unlike other payment methods, they don’t do much to hide your deposit information. So if your gambling demands the utmost secrecy, MasterCard will leave a trail, so it probably worth avoiding in favour of a more private payment method.

Conclusion…So Long, and Thanks For All The MasterCards

So there you have it – everything you need to know about funding your gambling from your MasterCard. Now all that is left is for you to get out there into the big bad world, and put that MasterCard to good use, building your bankroll at one of our trusted, recommended casinos.

At this stage, all you need is luck. With a MasterCard in your pocket, anything is possible!

Bonus %
Bovada Casino
$ 3000
Ignition Casino
$ 1000
Café Casino
$ 5000

A History of MasterCard

So it’s clear that MasterCard has a number of key advantages to bring to the table, and it’s unsurprisingly one of the world’s favourite methods for doing business with online casinos. But where did the MasterCard journey begin?

It all started back in 1966. While many of us might firstly think of hippies, Woodstock, and the era of free-loving, pot-smoking, eternal youth, it was also an era where the commercial world would start to accelerate towards the modern age.

Bank cards were a major innovation of their time, and MasterCard came about through a joint effort between some sizeable American banks of the time. Their consortium came to be known as the Interbank Card Association, and soon attracted more new members from across the US, moving to Europe for the first time in 1968.

The technology was revolutionary at the time – paying by means other than cash or cheque was regarded as very futuristic indeed, yet its popularity quickly boomed.

By 1972, the UK was on board, thanks to Access joining the Interbank team. By 1979, the rebrand of the group was complete, and the card became known internationally as MasterCard.

It wasn’t until 2006 that MasterCard spun off into a company in its own right, ahead of their IPO in the same year. Until that stage, the business had remained a joint venture between the cooperating banks. As at August 2016, the company had a market cap of over $105 billion, representing the sheer scale of the operation that MasterCard has gone on to become.