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Keno is an interesting game which is one of the most ancient games of chance in the world. It goes back to ancient China. The legend says the invention of keno saved an ancient city in time of war, and its great popularity helped to raise money to build the Great Wall of China. In spite of the fact that Keno came from the East, this game was and is a very popular game especially in the US. Keno can make any player a millionaire if Lady Luck smiles on them.

Today this game is played at land-based as well as online casinos. Each casino sets its own paytables for this game. When a player wins he/she gets money according to the number of numbers drawn match the numbers selected on his/her ticket and to the paytable chosen concerning the bet amount. As a rule, the more numbers you choose and the more numbers hit, the more the payout, though there are paytables that pay for hitting a lesser number of spots. There is a wide range of keno paytables. The house edge is also different for each paytable. Keno can’t boast good odds for the player. The house edge ranges from less than 4% to well over 35%.

Although there are hundreds of online casinos today, few of them offer the game of Keno. That’s why we have built this page for you to find all of the top-rated Keno casinos online so that you don’t have to search yourself. You can also find the hottest and the most generous bonuses and promotions attached to this exciting game. Our Keno page aims to be your one-stop place to find the best online Keno casinos to play at.

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