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Gonzo’s Quest Slots – Conquer the city of gold!

Gonzo’s QuestLegendary Spanish conqueror and explorer Gonzalo Pizarro, wonderfully brought to life as “Gonzo”, has undoubtedly been one of NetEnt’s most popular slot stars of recent years. The quirky, moustached adventurer thrills online gamers with his daring escapades and Michael Jackson moonwalk and now, in the new Netent Gonzo’s Quest feature, you can join Gonzo on his quest for Eldorado, the lost city of gold. With superb graphics and sound, a high payout percentage and an unforgettable player experience, NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest is sure to become a favourite for new and experienced gamblers alike.

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Online Slots Free Spins – better than the real deal?

Online slotsThere are plenty of reasons we love playing slots; it’s a quick game that doesn’t depend on skill, which means you’re just as likely to hit the jackpot as the next person. It’s also usually a low-cost type of gambling that’s great for trying your luck once in a while – even those who aren’t usually interested in gambling can get a kick out of it.
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Three of the world’s biggest roulette wins

roulette winsIn recent years casinos have seen a period of massive growth, with new microgaming casinos as well as offline gambling establishments benefiting from the boom. With this surge in popularity came an increase in potential prize money, and a few brave souls have been brave enough to risk it all, and reaped the rewards of the huge jackpots on offer. Below are three of the biggest roulette wins the world has ever seen.
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Tips on How To Pick a Winning Slot Machine Online?

Online slotsCasinos invest vast amounts of money in croupiers, big league poker tournaments and more, but even on the casino floor it is the humble best casino slots to play -that makes more money than anything else. It’s true in the online world, too, as the relative simplicity of the slot machine tips and draws more casual gamblers than any other game.

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Vegas on a losing streak

las vegas casinosLas Vegas is going on a charm offensive to lure millennials after three months of consistently declining revenues. It’s a worrying trend for the world’s gambling capital, with online casinos eating heavily into the city’s profits.

At the Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, G2 Game Design revealed a plan for a new kind of casino that does away with a great number of the traditional games and replaces them with pinball and other games of skill with money riding on the result.

Company boss Greg Giuffria notes that while slot machines are the biggest moneyspinner in the casinos right now, the under-45s simply don’t play them and the whole concept of the casino has to change if Las Vegas wants to get back on its winning streak. read more