Online Slots Free Spins – better than the real deal?

Online slotsThere are plenty of reasons we love playing slots; it’s a quick game that doesn’t depend on skill, which means you’re just as likely to hit the jackpot as the next person. It’s also usually a low-cost type of gambling that’s great for trying your luck once in a while – even those who aren’t usually interested in gambling can get a kick out of it.

It’s a kind of game that’s perfectly suited to playing online – if you suddenly fancy a quick flutter, making your way to a casino just to do so is a lot of effort, especially when you can have just as good a time playing online.

You’ll also find a much greater diversity of slots games on the internet; in a casino you’re limited to the slot machines that the particular establishment has chosen to buy, but online you can search for exactly what you like and really get stuck in. If you have a short attention span, you can even chop and change between slots games on different websites to really make the most of what’s available.


Another bonus of playing online is that you can pick your price point more easily, and spend as much or as little as you want to. Keeping track of your finances using internet banking or an app can keep you totally in control and you can even earn free play bonuses and spins to help minimise your spend. You wouldn’t find that in a casino!

Make sure you get the best casino signup bonuses by comparing online – you can find offers for matched deposits, no deposits and free spin bonuses, all of which help to keep your spend low and your fun levels high.

If you choose to gamble online, it’s really important to do so responsibly. But if you’ve met your budget for slots and don’t want to spend any more, there are plenty of free best online slots available to play online too, just for fun. You can get your eye in for the next time there’s cash on the line – here’s hoping for a jackpot!

Big Casino Bonuses Guide

Bright lights, ringing sound of coins which hit the tray of a slot, free drinks, and fantastic shows. It’s all about such places like Monte Carlo, Atlantic City or Las Vegas. Land-based casinos often use such tricks to make players return from time to time.
Well, how does an online casino compete?

Online casino bonuses are a type of promotions. You can never find similar bonuses in a traditional casino. The bonus is free money or casino credits and it’s the essential benefit the online casino offers a player to win it back together the winnings.

Wagering requirements

A wagering (or playthrough) requirement represents the number of times you must play though either a bonus or a bonus and the deposit at an online casino before you are allowed to withdraw. The amount of playthough necessary for that bonus is usually assigned by the casino risk management team that represents the casino.


Types of bonuses in the UK and the US

First Deposit Bonuses

A sign up bonus is a casino incentive a player may get when registering with the real money casino. It is the most common type of casino bonuses. All online casinos offer different sign up bonuses ranging from $100 to a thousand dollars. We also call the sign up bonus a welcome bonus or the first deposit bonus.

Online casinos offer sticky as well as non-sticky sign up bonuses. A sticky bonus is casino credits given only for wagering purposes and cannot be cashed out. The non-sticky bonus can be withdrawn along with the winnings.

New High Roller Bonus

A high roller bonus is a bonus for a high roller. This is very big from $1,000 up to really astronomical sums of several thousand dollars. Every casino welcomes a high roller because of the potential huge revenue that the high roller can bring to the gambling venue. That’s why each casino tries to draw high rollers offering them lavish bonuses.

The casinos do their best to attract VIP players and keep them at their sites. They offer massive welcome bonuses and plenty of other thrilling promotions.

New No Deposit Casino Bonuses

A high-roller bonus is a big bonus the casino offers a high roller. This amount of this bonus can range from $1,000 up to really gigantic sums of thousands of dollars. All casinos welcome high rollers since they can bring large revenue to the gambling establishment. Therefore each casino tries to attract high rollers by offering them luring incentives.

The online casinos do their best to make VIP players stay and play at their sites. Besides immense sign up bonuses they offer lots of regular promotions.

No Deposit Casino Bonuses

A no deposit bonus doesn’t require making a deposit before starting to play. But don’t delude yourself, it’s not a gift. To cash out you are first required to meet wagering requirements and they’re very tough. Always read the terms & condition so that you would not be disappointed afterwards.

The no deposit bonus is small, as a rule, about $5, $7, $10, but rarely can it be up to $100.

Free Spin Bonuses

Free spins are an amazing opportunity to play the slots without making real money deposit and win at the same time. Free spins are a kind of a no deposit bonus offered to a new customer as a welcome bonus. Online casinos sometimes offer free spins to seasoned players as well.

When you claim for this promotion you don’t lose anything, because you don’t make a deposit, but you get an opportunity to try new slot machines and have a good time.

Free Time Bonuses

The free time bonus (aka the free 1 hour bonus) is a kind of no deposit bonus favourable both for a gambling venue and a player. The casino offers a player an hour to try out the games without wagering. This is a great chance to play casino games, feel the casino ambience and win cash at the same time.

Other types of bonuses

Monthly and Weekly Bonuses

Incentives casinos offer in order to reward their loyal players. These bonuses vary from place to place. Monthly and weekly promotions can be deposit and no deposit, match bonuses and fixed giveaways.

New Bonuses

They are mighty means to attract newbies to the casino. That’s why online casinos often invent new bonuses.

Matching Deposit

The bonus an online casino gives matching the player’s deposit by a certain percentage.


Many casinos give their regular players a refer-a-friend bonus, once they have successfully invited their friends to gamble online.

Percentage Deposit

Maybe this bonus seems to be not as exciting as the no deposit bonus, the casino gives a percentage of the money which you deposit with them.


Almost all internet casinos offer loyalty clubs together with VIP programmes that encourage players to stay at their sites and gamble more. These programs reward gamblers every time they wager.


Remember: before joining an online casino, read thoroughly the casino terms & conditions since the wagering requirements are different at each casino.


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