Martingale Roulette Strategies For Gamblers

RouletteIf you’ve ventured into the roulette room in the best casino online then you might be forgiven for thinking it’s a game of pure chance and that strategy has no place here. You’d be wrong.

There are a myriad of strategies for online roulette, including the rather bewitchingly entitled James Bond strategy. By far the best known, though, is the Martingale roulette strategy. Essentially it relies on nerve, as you have to double your bet after a loss in a 50/50 game. So bet on red or black, or the first half of the numbers or the second half, then keep doubling up until you win.

The theory is simple, as soon as you win, you’ll recoup all of your losses plus a small profit. Of course there is a very slim possibility you’ll just keep losing, but the odds are against it. The other potential problem is that you will run into a wall of the house’s maximum permitted bets, which means you should check the house rules carefully before you start betting.

Ideally you want a house with a very small minimum bet and a large maximum. This gives you the headroom you need to work this system.

Start small, as small as you can. Then simply start to bet. If you win, pocket the winnings and start again with your initial stake. If you lose, double up and stay with your bet.

Follow Martingale strategy and, sooner or later, you should find yourself in profit, according to the maths. Of course there are no guarantees and no surefire way to win in a casino. It is, as they say for a reason, a gamble.

The Martingale roulette betting strategy has been adopted with great success

By gamblers around the world and there is even a Reverse Martingale for those that like to work a little differently.

Some gamblers prefer to double their stake when they win and halve it when they lose. These gamblers insist that they want to make the most of ‘hot streaks’ and then limit their losses when their luck dries up.

Whichever way you choose to go is up to you; some people believe in the simple maths and others believe in luck. The Martingale strategy for online roulette, though, could prove a useful ally if you choose to play playtech roulette or any of the other online roulette free play games.

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