Deposit TimeWithdraw Time
After Approval
1 min2-6 days 0,75%

An eCheck or in other words an electronic check is similar to a paper check, the means by which you may take the information that usually is on (name, account number, amount, authorization) and enter it into software interface or any online payment form to transfer payments electronically.

An eCheck is a safe, secure and fast online payment method. eChecks are specially designed as the safest digital transaction method known to a man. eChecks use the state-of-the-art security technologies – SSL software, firewalls, cutting-edge detection systems, and encryption technology. The eCheck is very easy to use.

eCheck is very often used at online casinos and poker sites as one of the payment methods to load player’s account and withdraw money.

To deposit money with eCheck at a casino or poker room is simple. As a rule, money is instantly transferred from a player’s Bank Account into his/her online casino account. Depositing and sending money online are usually free of charge.

To deposit money, follow these steps:

  • Initiate your deposit at the chosen casino from the casino bank.
  • Choose eCheck as your deposit method.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts.

The withdrawal is also simple, but it can take some time for money to appear on your bank account and there may be small fees attached to the withdrawing process.

There are a lot of online merchants accepting eChecks. eChecks can be used to load different payment methods, for instance, PayPal.

Advantages of eCheck:

  • No registration process
  • Fund directly from your bank account
  • Transactions are automatic
  • Instant credits
  • No fees
  • Fast– pilot times have shown an eCheck to be generated, sent, received and deposited by the payee and processed by a bank in less than 15 minutes
  • Simple
  • It isn’t necessary to give additional personal information to the site.

One more eCheck advantage is the fact that banks know well how to use eChecks that can eliminate banking errors.