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French Roulette is much like European Roulette with its own charm and an age-old gaming tradition. It has a wheel with 37 numbered slots including “0” and numbers 1 through 36 either black or red in non-sequential order. The “0” is green. The numbers are black and red while “0” is green. The main aim is to predict which slot the ball will fall in. Firstly, you can make a bet on any number or set of numbers, colour or some other things (see Roulette bets for detailed information). The game has some special bets called Call bets.

So, the players have chances to make the following call bets:

French Roulette

Game Payouts

Roulette Name For Bet

Nature Of The Bet

Straight Up 35:1
Split 17:1
Street 11:1
Square 8:1
Five-Number Line 6:1
Line Bet 5:1
Column 2:1
Dozen 2:1
Even-Money 1:1

Note: single – zero roulette, house edge – 2.7%, Call Bets

Many casinos allow players to play the game in free play mode.

When playing French Roulette, your aim is to predict the number the ball will stop. First you have to place a bet. To play you have to click Increase (+) or Decrease (-) buttons and select the chip size you want to bet. Then click the Spin button. The ball is dropped on the roulette wheel and then stops. If you have a winning number, your win amount will display in the Win box. If you lose, the game is over and you can start again.

All world gaming software developers have French Roulette in their portfolio. Microgaming offers French Roulette, Gold Series French Roulette.

You can place different bets which are divided into Inside and Outside. Each bet has a maximum betting limit. Below there are regular European roulette bets and odds they offer.

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