Blackjack guide – Extreme 21 Blackjack

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This is a type of a traditional blackjack with some nice peculiarities making the game more exciting. However, if money is more important to you than fun this version is not for you as the house edge is three times higher than in the usual blackjack. If you are not afraid of the triple house edge you need to remember that this game has the same basic rules as the traditional version, but there is one sharp distinction, the dealer can’t stand. This is a very interesting version of blackjack and well worth playing.

Extreme 21 is the game where all the players compete with the dealer, who continues the game until the moment he wins or busts. The dealer has to go on hitting until he beats the player, so this version doesn’t have push. The rules vary from casino to casino, but very often you can double or re-double and re-split as many times as you wish. This gives players much freedom in card counting but as a result you cannot re-split the aces. When you play Extreme 21 blackjack in the land casinos, you will not be able to shuffle after the dealing of a card.

You should remember that all hands of 21 win and you will be paid 1 to 1, the same pay-out you get for blackjack; this is the casinos’ method of enlarging the house edge. This game is for fun; therefore if you are eager to win some money it’s better to play some other blackjack versions, for instance Blackjack Bonus and Triple 7’s.

Blackjack pays 1:1.