Blackjack guide – Get Blackjack Bonus!

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So-called “Bonus” is a kind of traditional blackjack game, playing it you can bet only on the outcome of your first two cards. You play this variant of the popular game with two decks and this fact certainly increases your chances to bet on the right combination of cards. But there is one disadvantage at the game, in comparison with a traditional blackjack, the payouts in the “Bonus” version are lower.

The combination consisting of Ace and Jack of Spades is one of the most attractive hands in the “Bonus” blackjack. According to the calculation, this hand can appear every 52 rounds, in other words the payout must be 52:1, but in reality it doesn’t work, because the casino raises its edge and manipulates the payouts for its benefit.

Here are the values of hands from the highest to the lowest:

bonus handspayouts
An Ace and Jack of Spades50 to 1
An Ace and Jack of the same suit25 to 1
Any other 2 cards of the same suit5 to 2

I want to repeat only the first two cards can win the bonus. Let’s see an example. Your hand is . You can see the first two cards are 2 and King of Clubs meaning you will get the 5:2 bonus for cards of the same suit. Your third card, a 6 of Diamonds doesn’t influence on the bonus.

More than that, the bonus does not influence on the result of the blackjack game. In the given example, your hand totals 18. If the dealer’s hand were 19, you would lose the blackjack game, but still would get the 5-to-2 bonus. And if the dealer’s hand were, for example, 17 you’d win the blackjack game and the Bonus Blackjack bonus.

The “Bonus” game has the same basic rules as the usual blackjack has, it means you have the opportunity to double, hit after it, split up to four cards and use other methods. The dealer stands on Soft 17 . There is no winner in a push, because you have no opportunity to Surrender. Moreover you also can’t re-split aces and in a case you split, you can’t win at blackjack. After the split you can double and hit.