Blackjack guide – Triple 7s Blackjack

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Triple 7s is one of the most popular variants of blackjack. This game offers high bonuses which you can get for some card combinations. You can easily find this game in most online casinos, the rules of this version are close to the traditional one, but there are some differences.

You will win the biggest bonusesfor the hands containing several sevens.

Triple Diamond Sevensprogressive jackpot
Triple Sevens of the same suit other than Diamonds1000 credits
Triple Sevens of different suits250 credits
a hand with a 75:1
unsuited pair of 7s25:2
a hand with two 7s of the same suit50:1

But the payouts can vary from a casino to a casino.

The fact that the cards of the dealer are faced up will give you an advantage, but you shouldn’t forget that you can double on 9, 10 or 11, that means you will not be able to double after a split. Furthermore you can’t split sevens. The dealer draws on 16 and stands on 17. If there is a draw, the player will get money back. The chances to get the seven are not high, you will get it in eight of 100 rounds, so if you look for the high scores, it’s worth choosing some other blackjack variant. The game which has the highest level of bonuses is the Bonus Blackjack, which is also sometimes called the lucky blackjack.