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Super 21 Blackjack is an online variation of blackjack which offers bonuses for some certain combinations of hands, the same thing you will find in Matchplay 21 and Triple 7’s. Super Fun 21 is a type of Super 21. The game is played with one deck. Your odds of winning of bonuses are noticeably low. In both games: Super 21 and Super Fun 21 the rules have much in common with the “traditional” blackjack game, but there are some exceptions, for instance, 5- card and 6-card hands. A hand with six cards having the total of 20 will win, if the player hasn’t doubled before.

The payouts in Super 21 are much higher than in the majority of blackjack games:

diamond blackjack2:1
a 5-card or 6-card hand has total of 21(but you should not double before it)2:1
The rest of 6-card hands1:1

The other rules are:

  • Dealer must hit on soft 17.
  • Player’s blackjack beats dealer’s blackjack.
  • There is a late Surrender on any number of cards.
  • Player can double down after a split.
  • Player can split three times to make four hands.
  • Aces can be re-split.
  • Player can draw and double down to split Aces.
  • Different 10 value cards can be split.

Though among all blackjack variations this one is the fastest way to earn money, keep in mind, that the odds to get a good hand are quite low. If playing blackjack really pleases you and you admit the idea of “from time to time winning”, if money is not on the first place for you, then this game is probably for you, otherwise, please, choose some other blackjack variation.

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