Baccarat guide – American Baccarat

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American baccarat table

American Baccarat is the most wide spread variation of baccarat which can be found both in the land-based casinos and online. This type of baccarat is also known as “Punto banco”. Regardless of the number of players only 2 hands are dealt – Player’s hand and Banker’s hand and all the players at the table may bet on either the “Player or Punto ” or the “Banker or Banco”. The casino always banks the game and both hands are played according to predetermined drawing rules. This thing differs the American Baccarat from most historic Baccarat games in which each hand was played by a separate player and players could choose whether to draw the third card or not to do it.

Neither the Player hand is associated with the player, nor the Banker is associated with the Casino. Player and Banker are just two hands which the player can bet on.

American Baccarat is played with 6 – 8 complete decks of cards. The dealer first shuffles the cards, and then put them in the shoe. To begin the game, the players wager on the outcome of the game by putting their chips on the appropriate betting area.

A player may be a dealer. As the dealer he does not represent the house. The dealer is only responsible for dealing. However, the dealer can only bet on the Banker hand. A player can also refuse to deal the cards by simply passing the shoe to the next player.

The deal rotates among the players counterclockwise around the table. Four cards are dealt face-down, as follows:

The first card goes to the player hand. The dealer gives this card to the player who made the largest bet on the player hand. The second card goes to the banker hand and is placed under the shoe. The third card goes to the player, the fourths to the banker. Then the player looks at the Player hand, and gives it to the dealer who announces the total for each hand and decides whether a third card should be dealt or not.

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