Layout of Baccarat Table

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The American Baccarat table can be visually divided into three parts: two similar parts and a central area between them for Dealer 1 called the caller or croupier. You can see the baccarat table layout in the picture:

American baccarat table

Up to 14 players can sit at the table. They sit on both sides of the table. In the picture you can see numbers corresponding to the seats from 1 to 15. There is no #13 because of the famous superstition; many people think this is the unhappiest number. That’s why, the 14th player has #15. The players’ parts are divided into three sections: “Banker”, “Player” or “Tie” for placing bets in front of every player.

There are three dealers at the baccarat table. Dealer 1 is called the “caller” or “croupier” (1). His task is to direct the game play. He stands in the middle of the table between numbers 1 and 15. Because players deal the cards themselves, the caller watches carefully what is happening at the table and makes calls on the hands. The dealers (2 and 3) serve their sides of the table: Dealer 2 seats between 1 to 7, Dealer 3 seats 8 – 15. They watch all bets to be made properly and pay out the wins and take out the losses.

There are three boxes (4, 5 and 6) in the very centre of the table. 4 is the Drop Box, 5 is the Discard Trays (the place where cards are removed after they have been discarded from the shoe), 6 is the Tip Box.

Mini Baccarat Table

Mini Baccarat Table

Mini Baccarat Table looks like half of the typical baccarat table. Seven the players can sit at this table. The Caller stands in front of the players in the middle of the table. This position allows him to reach all the places on the baccarat table. Near the caller there is a chip rack (1), seven boxes (2) for the commission each player owes.

In front of each player there are three betting areas. 5 is for a player bet, 4 is for a banker bet and 3 is for a tie.

Online Baccarat table

Online Baccarat table

When you play baccarat online you will see the Online Baccarat table that is very similar to the Mini Baccarat Table. There is only one seat for you at the table, the dealer is virtual. In front of the player you can see three betting areas: Player, Banker and Tie. Some online casinos offer Side bets as well.