Pattern spotting in Baccarat

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If you have ever visited any land-based casino and approached the baccarat table you will certainly see players keeping a record of the results of every hand. You may have wondered why they are doing this. The answer is that they are discerning the patterns. Pattern spotting is one of the most popular strategies in baccarat and many strategists bend their efforts to creating different patterns and new systems. The idea of pattern spotting is to catch any pattern or streak and to bet at the right time.

A streak happens when a number of Banker or Player or Tie hands win in a row. For example, playing you notice that Banker has won 5 consecutive times then you should bet on Banker, etc.

There are choppy hands, for example, Player, Banker, Banker, Player, Tie, Banker, Player, Banker, etc. If it happens,you have to bet on the last hand winner. But, remember since the same hand doesn’t win 3 times in a row you must change your bets. Imagine the Player has won the last hand, and you bet on the Banker. If the Player wins again, you can bet on the Player. And then make the max bet on the Player for the 3rd time.

They say there are also “skip ties” hands, it is when a tie happens every 2 hands.

Below you can see the most frequently happened patterns:


There are a lot of theories describing mathematical streaks and deviations in Baccarat. But you should understand that baccarat is a pure game of chance and the previous hand does not influence on the next one. However, streaks do occur, but no one can guarantee that betting on a streak you will win.

Many casinos encourage players who use pattern spotting strategy and even give them pencils and paper. They do this because they are pretty aware of the fact that baccarat is a highly unpredictable game.