5 tips for playing roulette online casino game

online roulette tipsOne of the most popular microgaming casino games is roulette. Unlike blackjack or poker, the thrill of roulette is based on the pure gambling aspect; regardless of your skill level, it all comes down to Lady Luck in the end.

Yet that doesn’t mean you should just open up a virtual table and start laying bets blindly. If you fancy playing a bit of roulette in one of the many microgaming casinos you can find here at NetBet, it is a good idea to know a bit about how it works before you start. Consider these five tips:

• Forget your lucky number and play the outside

Yes, hitting a single number will return the biggest jackpot but, unless you really have money to burn, playing the outside is the way to go. The outside refers to the various 50/50 bets that can be laid in online roulette, such as red, black, 1-18, 19-36, odd and even.

• Roulette Casino Games – If you do play your lucky number, cover yourself

If you do decide to bet on a lucky number, tilt the odds in your favour by betting on a few others alongside it, perhaps with a slightly smaller stake. To avoid a crushing near-miss, we advise choosing the three numbers either side of your favourite one. Remember, if you are laying a specific spot on the wheel, you are accepting the wild odds of 35-1.

• European wheels are easier to play than American wheels

If you’ve played roulette in a few different microgaming online casinos, you may have noticed a slight difference between the wheels. Some will feature the double zero spot, while others won’t. The latter are European sites and the absence of double zero improves your odds of hitting one of the outside 50/50 bets we mentioned above.

Casino Roulette Wheel – Every time you win big, cash a little out

This doesn’t mean you have to stop playing, just that you should withdraw a small percentage of your winnings any time you have a large win. This will stop you pumping it all right back into the house’s account on the next few spins.

• Find a good casino online with roulette strategy

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of microgaming casinos online that offer roulette, and some are better and more user friendly than others. Here at NetBet we list only the most reputable ones, so we strongly advise choosing a site from our register.

Online roulette may be all about luck, but that does not mean you have to play like a sucker. Keep these tips in mind next time you spin the virtual wheel.

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