A Heartfelt Welcome To The Retro Age Of Terminator 2, Back To The Future, And Classic Roadway Diners

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SuperNudge 6000 is an old-time fruit machine classic from NetEnt that takes you back in time to other classics, more classics, and Mega Moolah-style wins. You can play free or for money, although we would recommend moving on to the real money version, because, unlike with some other slots we’ve seen recently, this one really provides high payouts as well as great many successful design features plus the familiar (we’d even go as far as to say iconic) symbols from way back.

Adjust your bet level before you begin, as usual, with the bet limit feature, hit Spin to start, but before consider Bet Max, and ultimately Collect when you’re ready. Remember to be sensible about your bankroll and walk away when you have a feeling you should stop. How to tell when enough is enough? If you’ve played on the toilet, traded in the will to your house for a loan for another million to play with, or if you’re an existing member of Gamblers Anonymous, that’s it: you have a serious problem. The GA, as the insiders call it, works in the same way as all the other societies with “Anonymous” in the title drug addicts, alcoholics, and so on, and deals with people with gambling addictions. We’re just warning you now so you bear this in mind, because when it come to slots like this, there are serious money to be had, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Gamble responsibly!

What Does It Feel Like To Play?

Supernudge 6000 is a relative of Starburst online slot (no doubt you’re getting the funky vibe), and, because it has been designed by the same awesome guys, it produces a few awesome features like brilliantly low house edge, low minimum bet, and a supermeter mode enabled through Max Bet.

Watermelons, crowns and 7s will bring you luck, and a lot of it, too. The supermeter mode is a kind of a risky bet, but, in our experience, it is worth it. For all of you who develops that thousand yard stare when it come to fruit machines also, this slot is a must. This is an exciting adventure along the lines of Tomb Raider (be sure to check this slot out if you’re into spectacular fun).

Symbols and Special Features

The symbols are Dollar Sign, Bell, Water Melon, Grapes, Lemon, Orange, 7 and Cherry.

The game has a classic design, but you can play nudges. First, you are playing traditional reels. If there is a win, you can collect your win or play nudges. If you choose the latter you will play on reels above the traditional ones. The wins on Super Nudge reels are higher. You can collect your wins any time you want or continue playing until you lose your wins. The symbols on Super Nudge reels are Crown, Water Melon, Cherry, Grapes, Lemon, Orange, 7 and Pear.

Whenever we see a melon (and especially as many as you see in this game), we can’t resist the Melon Joke (forgive us). Here it comes again!

When you’re low on credits, don’t let Melon Collie get you!

Bet Limits

The bet is €0.1, €0.2 and €1 per spin (with additional opportunities).


This slot clearly features much sophistication in terms of the technical details. We like the fact that it has nudges, which allows to bump up the game a little bit. The base game (not that kind of base), actually isn’t bad either, which is surprising considering how well you can do in the supermeter part of it. If you’re lucky enough to hit three dollar symbols, you get a 600X original bet multiplier (there’s an option for betting more tan 10 Euros a spin, if you like), which, in our estimation, is nice enough in itself. But we have mentioned all the other opportunities this game offers.

The wins here are nice on Max Bet, and actually are worth playing, which is more than you can say for most games. Playing on Max bet does not end in disaster, but, after a series of moderate wins, will ultimately end in a big win (we have to say here that player experience will differ, but that is what we have seen so far). We say that the big wins are very enticing too, as long as you’re willing to pay up, which is how casinos work. To make money you need money, so make sure you’re bringing plenty of cash with you to this spectacular event. If you’re limiting the stakes, the chances are that, although this won’t be a complete waste of your time, the winnings will be average or minimal (know your strategy).

Best Strategy

For the best possible experience you need to get into the supermeter game, where the stakes are high, but great wins happen on a regular basis. There are some other games that will suck up your money, they say, like a sponge dropped into a bathtub, but this doesn’t look like it from where we are sitting. A separate thank you has to be said for great graphics and sound, and terrific visual effects.

SuperNudge 6 000 featurs design based on the old fruit machines in pubs, which is kind of cute, and a lot of players can relate to that. It has been quite a popular slot for a long time now, and we like to think that is for a good reason. We like the spirit of the game that takes you back to the age of Back To The Future with its gorgeous layout (by the way, the background is a nice touch: executed with a sense of perspective, it is actually quite immersive). Looks very much like an experience from the Noughties, and we are very happy to say that this is a great slot that completely satisfied us, because it is everything that a slot should be, and possibly this is the best slot of them all.

The theoretic payout for this slot is 97.2%.
This slot has 3 reels and 5 paylines.

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