Cabin Fever Slot Review: A Family Of Bears, A Cabin In The Woods…That’s Right. Bears.

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Make Money Before Animal Control Gets Here

cabin fever logoLeo asked to be very quiet as you tread softly among a log cabin in the woods home to a family of bears.

As you start to get into it, however, you find out that the bears are not at all unfriendly and are themselves into some reel fun and free spins, especially on the grass when it’s sunny out. If you are good company enough to win them over, they will possibly grant you a few gifts so you don’t go home empty-handed. Not unlike Microgaming’s famous high-end graphics furry friend franchise, Cabin Fever offers a frosty welcome, but as you warm up you might decide, as I did, that there may be some serious fun to be had here (if such a thing as serious fun is at all possible, it would be had here).

By the way, here’s something you didn’t know:

  • Largest predator that ever lived on Earth was a bear that stood 6′ 5″ tall (and that’s without even standing up). It was extremely fast, according to scientists, and used to chase down and kill antelope. So if someone ever said to you to stand tall and make as much noise as possible when attacked by a bear to scare it off…don’t. Thankfully, that thing lived around 12,000 years ago.
  • Bears’ intelligence allows them to roll rocks into bear traps in order to get the prize out without being caught. How about that?
  • Bears’ bowleggedness, if that is a word, allows them better balance and traction.
  • Bear can get up to forty miles per hour if needed. Usain Bolt, who is officially the fastest human on Earth at the time f wriing this article, develops a maximum speed of 27mph.
  • Sun bears can boast longest claws out of all bears ever. Their tongues, also, are 9.8″ long, which is unprecedented too.
  • A polar bear’s stomach can hold 150 lbs. (68 kg) of meat.
  • A bear can jump 8 ft. (2.4 m) out of water to catch a seal.
  • Bears can and have been (on record) eating including snowmobile seats, engine oil, and rubber boots.
  • A male bear is officially called a he-bear. A female bear is, consequentially, a she-bear (or a sow). A congregation of bears is named a sleuth or sloth.
  • Panda have been thought a raccoon for years until DNA evidence proved it a legitimate bear. spite an absolute and utter lack of a backstory, Cabin Fever is intriguing enough by the virtue of the fact that…well, bears! It’s not very often you mix with this kind of company, and if you do, it’s over fast. Feeling a little grizzly? Let’s see if a review of this cute little slot can cheer you up.

Despite an absolute and utter lack of a backstory, Cabin Fever is intriguing enough by the virtue of the fact that…well, bears! It’s not very often youmix with this kind of company, and if you do, it’s over fast. Feeling a little grizzly? Let’s see if a review of this cute little slot can cheer you up.

What happens in small log cabins in the woods usually stays in small log cabins in the woods. If you know what I mean. Here? Exactly the same story. No-one really knows what happened or is going to happen. All you know is – (scared whisper) – no need to download, 5 reels, 20 paylines, coin size varies from $0.01 to $50. Get in.

Do you love animals? Because they love you…especially with potatoes

Meet the crew and their massive refer (and you better hope they stick to that honey-based diet):

  • BearPapa
  • BearMama
  • Baby Bears
  • Frozen Fruits
  • Watermelon
  • Orange
  • Cherry
  • Lemon.

The Chilling Stuff

There’s a chill running down your spine…Is it that time already? They told you the wild can be unpredictable…Fortunately this wild is an agreeable little sign, 5 of which hit the top jackpot of 5,000 coins. Bet you’re glad you’ve never been cruel to your hamster you had when you were a kid. Yeah, that hamster that ran away one chilly morning…You’ll never forget his scraggy little face…Wait…Henry?!

The Science

  • Cabin Fever Payouts

There is a scattery scatter, a funny little troublemaker familiar to you by the movie Ice Age. However, this one is the good twin and brings nothing but joy and added bonuses.

Basically everyone is waiting for the Sun to come up and put an end to the long and dreary winter. When it does, there is so much euphoria that everyone gets a salmon and a smoothie on the house, and you are proudly presented with an epileptic-fit-inducing 20 free spins.

Slot Features

Extend your influence further with a Gamble Game which offers an even further chance to double the win. Black or Red? Casino Slot game are safe but risky, otherwise they wouldn’t be fun. If no dice – you are back where you started.

Gamble gaming has a limit of 15 games.

Cabin Fever Wild Symbol The wild doubles the win and substitutes for any other symbol except for the scatter and the bonus trigger. This bonus symbol only appears on the 1 and 5 reel, and if it does appear on both reels simultaneously, free spins allow for an opportunity to to double the winnings. Free spins can be reloaded during the bonus game. The graphics may be a little out of date with little animation, for those of you who prefer the old-school, along the lines of Sid Meyer’s Civilization: this is just it. Granted, not IMAX, but hey, it’s about essense, not the form, right?

5 Father Bear symbols coming up on an activated payline mean an agreeable jackpot of 300 coins.

How Much Can You Win?

There is a maximum of 200 coins per line bet with a not inconsiderable Jackpot potential of 5 000 in this online slot game. Did you always want to lead a wild nightlife? Here’s a chance to get your paws on a way to get there.


A 96.15% RTP. Cool.

It’s a quick-paced life. A white bear can get up to a 40 km/h. Keep up with the pace with a mobile version of the game, with the app, which allows you to always be ahead of the competition.

Where To Next?

Once you get out of that tiny cabin a large open space will help. Knock yourself out with tons of information and, of course, the all-time favourites.

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