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Citadel Direct is a white-labeled direct payment method which is the product of Citadel Commerce Corp. Citadel Commerce Corp. is a famous payment processing brand known in the industry since 1999. Citadel Direct allows accepting payments directly from customers via bank transfer. Citadel Direct reduces the risks and the costs associated with internet transactions.

Citadel Direct Advantage

  • “Instant” and “Rapid” Options
  • Security and Privacy
  • International Coverage
  • Lower Cost
  • Lower Risk
  • No Rejections
  • Debit and Credit Transactions
  • Real-time bank transfer payments
  • Easy-to-integrate
  • 24/7 merchant and customer support

Citadel Direct allows the customer to his/her own bank`s secure website to purchase credits online. To do it you have to select Citadel Direct and log in to your online banking account in order to complete your transaction. Citadel Direct can be used with many major banks worldwide.

How Citadel Direct Works

1. You initiate payment to your own bank`s secure website via Bank Transfer and select a Bank Option. You will get the payment Reference Number and Bank Details required to complete the bank transfer.
2. Log into your Bank Account online to make the Bank Transfer, enter your payment Reference Number and Bank Details.
3. Your own bank`s secure website credit your account and you can use funds to purchase goods and services from your bank website.

Citadel Direct