Blackjack guide – Triple Shot Blackjack

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Triple Shot Blackjack has yet tracked its own way to the world of online blackjack, but as it happens with all the variations of blackjack – it just needs some time before it shores up its positions in the net. The fans of blackjack, poker and war will enjoy this blackjack variant, but if you make up your mind to play it you should be very skilled at all abovementioned games.

The game process is the following: at the very beginning (the war stage) of triple shot two cards are dealt, one of which goes to the dealer, another one goes to the player (as it is a multi-player game, each participant gets his card), afterwards the value of all cards is checked and that one wins who has a card of the higher value, so that is why it is a high-card-draw game.

The next level (is a blackjack stage) is:

the second card is dealt to both the dealer and the player; the rules of the game are similar to the “traditional” blackjack rules, but there are some exceptions.

The ties with the dealer’s card in the first round won’t help you to proceed. A 6-card hand at this stage (six is the maximum cards amount in this game) will let you win automatically, surely, if the total of the hand makes 21. The game will turn to the next stage if by the end of the first level no one gets the 6-card total of 21.

After the second stage is over, the third one (the poker stage) begins; it is based on the rules of Six Card Stud, and here again both the dealer and the player get the cards up to a total of six. On each stage you make the separate wagers, and it is up to you to decide if you want to play two games, means, out of three, you may choose any two: instead of the regular War-Blackjack-Poker you may choose the schemes War-Poker, War-Blackjack, or Blackjack-Poker.

Triple Shot is played just for fun, it can turn into the main way of earning money but then you need to play each stage separately and think over each step.