Blackjack guide – The Double Exposure

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Being relatively a new variation of blackjack, Double Exposure is an exciting game for both new-comers and professionals. This game is principally played online and can be recognized under such names as Dealer Disclosure or Face Up 21. The main difference between the two types of blackjack – Double Exposure and regular one – is that the dealer’s cards are faced up.

Obviously it is a good thing for the player and casino obviously implies new rules in order to remove it, and these rules make the house edge even more than the rules in other blackjack variants. The casino edge can shift from 0.26% up to 1.47%. With the beginning of each new round the cards get shuffled in Double Exposure online variant, thus the card counting is marginal and this is a good reason for the high casino edge.

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If you want to get familiar with this new game, please, look through the following rules of Double Exposure.

If the game finishes in a tie it is considered to be a loss for the player and his bankroll goes right to the dealer, but for blackjack. In contrast to other blackjack games Blackjack usually pays 1:1. But when you split Aces and get 10 your hand is not considered a blackjack but 21. Besides, after doubling the player cannot hit. Three splits can be done. Not identical cards with the value of 10 can be split. The dealer hits on soft 17. The player cannot surrender in this variant of blackjack.

You see dealer’s cards.

The Blackjack pays even money. The dealer hits on soft 17.