Blackjack guide – Blackjack Switch

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Blackjack Switch is a kind of traditional blackjack game that can be played at PlayTech online casinos. The player is given two hands, so he can bet on both of them, also the gamer can switch the two top cards of two hands where he wishes. In that way the player has the opportunity to operate the odds in accordance with his desire.

For instance, you have 2-9 and A-4 hands, you can switch 9 and 4, so you will have A-9 hand (19 points) and 2-4 hand (six points). This is a great feature, but the casino does everything possible to increase the house edge.

Playing Blackjack Switch the house has one nice feature, the dealer can have 22 points without busting. That means that the dealer who has a hand of 22 can tie the gamer’s 21 hand, in spite of the fact, the gamer has the blackjack. Furthermore, even when you hit 22, you will also bust. Blackjack is paid 1 to 1, so the gamblers lose on push.

Except the rules which we have already mentioned, the rest of them are the same as the traditional blackjack version has. You can switch with six decks and they will be shuffled after each round. The dealer will hit on soft 17 and the gamers have the opportunity to double where they wish.

Remember, that Blackjack Switch has the special Super Match side bet which is put before the moment, the cards are dealt, the initial bets of the gamers, can’t influence on it. The Super Match bet is paid for the first four cards.

The payouts that the Super Match bet gives are the following:

  • a pair pays out 1:1,
  • three of a kind pay 5:1,
  • two pairs give you 8:1,
  • four cards of the same kind will pay 40:1.