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How to play Blackjack pro online – complete guide

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The Blackjack Pro resembles to Las Vegas Strip.

If you are just entering into the world of blackjack then Blackjack Pro is not for you. This game is not recommended to those who haven’t reached the intermediate level of playing skills, because Playtech’s software doesn’t let you re-split, which significantly restricts your playing options, and this really hurts your pot during the long run.

The rules of Blackjack Pro don’t let you double after a split, moreover only for the cards having value of 10 or 11 doubling is allowed. Having decided to double at Blackjack Pro, you should realize that you won’t be paid for a blackjack.

Besides, after splitting you can’t use some other options, offered in other variants of blackjack, for example: you can’t hit after the Aces’ splitting, you can’t surrender at all. For the professional blackjack players it can bring some advantage. For the newcomer Blackjack Pro obviously doesn’t match and he can really choose from many other blackjack versions.