Blackjack guide – Chinese Blackjack

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Chinese Blackjack is played with two decks of playing cards. The game involves players and a dealer, like in a conventional blackjack. In Chinese Blackjack, all cards have similar value as in the regular game of blackjack except for aces. The ace has different values, depending on the number of cards in the player’s hand. For example, the player has two cards, then an ace will be counted as 10 or 11. When the player has three cards, aces can be counted as 1 or 10. And, if the player is dealt four or more cards, an ace is only counted as 1.

Chinese Blackjack has certain winning card combinations that make the game unique. These combinations are called “ban-nag,” “ban-ban,” and “15 Points.”

The player with two aces has a “ban-ban” and his bet pays off 3 to 1, unless the dealer has a “ban-ban” as well, then there’s a push. A dealer’s “ban-ban” is higher than any other hand except the player’s “ban-ban” again.

The player with an ace and a card with a value of 10 (a traditional blackjack) has a “ban-nag,” which is paid out 2:1. If the dealer has “ban-nag” he beats every hand except for a “ban-ban.”

The player with a total of 15 has a “free hand” and he can continue or can stop playing that hand. If the dealer holds a free hand, he can do the same. If the dealer has chosen to stop playing, the hand is over and the dealer re-shuffles cards.

The other rules are more or less similar to the regular blackjack. There are hit and stand options.

  • If the dealer holds a hand with a total less than 16, he has to hit.
  • If his total is between 16 and 20, he can hit or stand.
  • If the dealer hand is a total of 21 exactly, all players must reveal their cards, and the hand are compared, and bets are paid (or taken).
  • If the dealer has gone over 21, he busted and he pays the bets to all players.

If the player gets five cards with no bust his hand is called a “5-Dragon” and he gets 2:1. If the player’s five-card hand total is exactly 21, he gets 3:1.

If the dealer gets five cards with no bust (“5-Dragon”), the players must double their initial bets and pay him. And if the dealer holds five cards with a total of 21, the players triple their initial bets and pay him.