Blackjack guide – Blackjack Table

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Blackjack is played at a special green table with the basic information about the game rules on it. You will see places for players’ bets and cards as well as for dealer cards and in real live casinos even for drinks! Below there is the scheme of a traditional blackjack table layout.

blackjack table

You can see the blackjack table has a semi-circular form, or sometimes (rarely) an octagonal form. The dealer stands on the opposite straight side of the table, in front of the players. The players sit around the round side of the table. As a rule, the typical blackjack table is green, but sometimes it can be also blue or any other colour that depends on the casino style.

The blackjack table can be divided into two imaginary parts: one for the players and another for the dealer. There is a space for players’ chips, special areas for bets, drinks and other things in the players’ part of the table. The dealer’s part is the rest of the table. Remember only the dealer can touch the cards or make payouts. The players can do what they want with their chips (when betting) and they can use special gestures or tell the dealer what they want.