Blackjack strategy – Blackjack Wagering Systems

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After having mastered the basic strategy, you can start testing “wagering” or “money-management” systems. But remember, if you are going to use these systems, it is necessary to have the firmness to follow through with them.

Consistent Wager System

Consistent Wager System

This is the most used system: the player wagers a fixed sum on each hand, irrespective of the result of previous hands. By doing so the player will, over time, lose no more than the casino edge against him, which is less than 1% if he knows the basic strategy.

According to the statistics, the player is likely to lose one hand more than he wins in the short term. However, in the long run, the small losses and wins will be equalized and after thousands of hands and more, the player will statistically lose less than 1% of all hands played.

One more advantage of the consistent wager system is that it doesn’t require a big bankroll. Since the sum only grows when the player splits or doubles (statistically less than 4% of all hands), a player can bet 20 times the consistent wager and expect to last the entire session. But since “losing streaks” really do occur, lasting the entire session is expected, but isn’t certain.

Finally, many do not consider the consistent wagering scheme a “system” at all: a player either makes bets systematically or at random. Although the amount of the bet is the same, as contrasted to other systems, it is still planned and executed according to a strategy or a system.

You will lose less than 1% of all hands played in the long run.
It doesn’t require big bankroll.

It is not always good to use flat betting. There are winning streak as well as losing streak. It’s better to bet more during a winning streak and decrease your wager when you are losing.