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There are lots of bad blackjack betting systems that can, if they are presented in a way that camouflages their weaknesses, may seem to be a sure money-making method. Sometimes, when the pattern of losses and wins follows a predictable and specific pattern, they can effectively increase player’s winnings or minimize the losses. But since predictability is not in blackjack, more frequently the player may get the opposite result.


“Level two” progressive betting system is the simplest. The player should decide on a maximum and a minimum amounts for bets. The player makes the smaller bet after a loss, and the larger one after a win. For example, you choose $5 as a minimum bet and $15 as a maximum amount. You start with the smaller amount. If you win you bet $15 and then continue to wager $15 until you lose. After the loss you go back to the minimum bet of $5. This is a really simple strategy, but it is considered an advanced betting system.

5 ⇒ lose ⇒ 5 ⇒ win ⇒ 15 ⇒ win ⇒ 15 ⇒ lose ⇒ 5

In theory and in practice, the player who uses this system maximizes his profits on winning streaks and minimizes them on losing ones.

However, the player always makes the larger wager on the losing hands. And overall, the outcome of a 100-hand session that is played by the progressive-2 will depend on how the cards have come out. If the player has often winning streaks, he will come ahead. But, the belief that streaks happen with certain regularity is a superstition.


The progressive 5-level system is also a simple system, based on a 1, 2, 3, 5, 1 progression (another popular one – 1, 2, 3, 6, 1). For example: you are playing blackjack using this system. Your bet is $5, so you should bet $5, 10, 15, 25 and then $5 again. If the hand loses you will go back to the original $5 bet.

The progressive 5-level is successful when lots of hands win and does not hurt the player if he loses lots of hands as well. For example, you put a $5 starting bet and if your first three hands lose but the next three win, you would be ahead with $15 after 6 played hands.


However, the system fails if certain sequences, like: win, loss, win, loss, win, loss happen. In this case, it would be better to make an equal bet each hand. Nevertheless, there is a risk when you take attempts to earn from three winning streaks or even more. In fact, in spite of the involved risk, the risk is minimal when the player uses the basic strategy and makes an equal bet on each hand. Online blackjack implies winning streaks and also losing streaks, so when using the progressive betting systems you may enhance your chances of profits.

In fact, the five-level progressive system will increase the player’s profits on winning streaks and minimize them on losing ones.

Overall, it is a system the outcome of which will vary unpredictably from a net profit to a net loss depending on how the cards come out.