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Baccarat en Banker is usually played with 3 (more rarely 4 or 2) decks of cards. In Baccarat en Banker the banker is a much more permanent position than in Chemin de Fer. The banker keeps his position until all the cards are dealt or he wants to withdraw.

At the very beginning the bank is put up for auction. However, the rules are different from a casino to a casino. The position of banker can belong to the player who offers the biggest wager, or it may be the player who has first put his name on the list of players and in this case he decides what amount he can wager.

Once the banker has been chosen, the banker sits down in the middle of the baccarat table in front of the croupier. There is a waste-basket between them. There are punters to the left and to the right of the banker. The full table is 10 players, all the other persons who wants to take part in the play stand nearby. The bystanders can play only when the amount of wagers in the bank is not covered by the players sitting at the table.

Every player can go bank, the first person to declare ‘go bank’ sits down immediately on the banker’s right; the second on his left, and so on in regular order. If 2 persons – the 1 on the right and the other on the left want to “go bank,” they go halves. As soon as the amount in the bank is met, no other players can stake.

The player who goes bank can do it on a single hand, or a cheval, (on 2 hands, a half of the wager on each hand). If a player goes bank and loses he may go bank 3 times in a row, but if he loses 3 times he can’t go bank again.

A player who has decided to go bank must play out a hand after that he can leave the table anytime but first he should set up the amount he leaves with. After that any player in order can continue the bank, beginning with the same amount. If the banker has been overthrown he takes the place which his successor occupied.

When the bank is defeated the banker may continue playing, but he must have funds to replenish the bank.

The banker is not responsible for the bettors exceeding the bank amount. If the banker loses, the croupier pays out the punters according to rotation order.

First the croupier shuffles the cards, then he gives them to the players on his left and right to shuffle. The last person to shuffle is the banker, and then he chooses the person to cut. After every punter has made his wager, the banker deals 3 cards, one to the player to the right of him, the second one to the player to the left of him, the third card to himself and then three cards more likewise. The 5 bettors on the right as well as the 5 bettors to the left (together with any bystanders who has bet) win or lose by the cards dealt to their side.

The rules of drawing are often the same as at Chemin de Fer:

  • If the Player has an 8 or 9, the game stops.
  • If the Player has 4 or below, he must draw the third card.
  • If the Player has 6 or 7, he must stand.
  • If he has 5, he chooses by himself whether to draw or stand.

The Banker is allowed to draw or stand according to his wish.

Each punter keeps holding the cards for his side until he loses, when he loses the player next to him takes his place.

At the end I want to notice the rules of baccarat are rather complicated and different casinos may have their own rules.