Simple tips of playing Baccarat

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Before sitting at the baccarat table, be aware of the fact that baccarat like roulette or slots is a game of pure chance and there is no winning strategy to be applied to the game. But we want to give you some advice to enjoy baccarat and not to go broke.

  1. Learn baccarat rules, they are quite easy and do not take you too much time.
  2. Set your money and time limits. Decide how much money you can afford to spend and how long you want to play. Compare these two things and determine the maximum expenditures per hour/ day, etc. As soon as one of the limits is met, you must leave the table.
  3. Look for different bonuses if your budget is quite low, you can.
  4. Choose the free play mode if you don’t want to spend your money you can enjoy the game.
  5. Never bet on tie. As a rule, the casinos offer 8:1 or 9:1 payouts on a tie bet, this offer may seem very generous, but in reality this bet wins once in a blue moon. The house edge on a tie is 14.36%. It’s too much!

The following tips are more helpful when you are playing a land-based baccarat. You’d better have a little extra cash when you play baccarat because you have to give a 5% commission for all Banker bets you win. The croupier does not take this money at once in order not to slow the game down. Instead, he keeps track of how much every gambler owes, and takes the money when the player is going to leave or a new shoe must be shuffled. That’s why you should have a little extra money in case you lose your bankroll.


Counting cards is a kill-time thing in Baccarat. To be a success, you must be able to subtract as well as add large numbers quickly and correctly. But, even then you’d only have a tiny advantage once every 345 baccarat hands. No one casino worldwide will allow you to sit at a table when you are playing only one hand in 345. Baccarat isn’t Blackjack, it is an uncountable game.

When you are playing at a land-based casino you can bet on a banker at the end of the shoe. You know, the Banker bet has better odds in comparison with the Player one, and these odds are a bit better when the shoe is coming to the end. Thus, when there are 8 decks in the shoe, then the house edge is 1.058% for the Bank while for the player it is 1.235%; the difference is 0.177%. Once 1 deck has been left in the shoe, the casino advantage is 1.012% for the Bank and it is 1.286% for the Player; the difference is 0.274%. So you see it is more profitable to put a Banker bet at the end of the shoe.


At the beginning of this article I have told you that you have to leave the table when you have met your setting limits. But there are some situations when you’d better leave the table earlier. When you see that it is not your day, you can’t break the losing streak, you’d better stop playing. When you are frustrated or can’t concentrate on the game or your strategy, you’d better leave the game. You should feel when to stop. Leave the table, have a break, you can go back to the table later.

To be a success you can try to use different money management systems:

  • Martingale Baccarat System
  • Labouchere Baccarat System
  • D’Alembert Baccarat System
  • Fibonacci Baccarat System
  • Betting on streaks Baccarat System