Casino Games with the Best Odds

online casino games with best oddsTThe casino is about having fun, whether it’s online or in the real world (although, if you’re deciding which one, remember that online casinos typically have lower house edge). It’s easier to have fun when you’re winning, though, and some games give you a better chance of coming out on top than others. Blackjack is famous for having the best house edge of them all along with simple rules. This article is about games with the most highly paid returns.

To keep in mind: notice also that with some variations of Blackjack and Video Poker some casinos offer games with negative house edge (this means a game with positive expectation). How can they afford to do this? If you’re really good and you have a perfect strategy and make no mistakes, you should be able to drive the casino to a breaking point and take it for its every penny. But no-one is.

Online casinos have their own variations, especially with their slots with microgaming no deposit free spins, free play bonuses and other offers that you don’t see in traditional bricks-and-mortar establishments. The essentials, though, remain the same. So if you want the best chance of winning, you might be better off sticking to these games while you learn the ropes. There are professionals who make thousands every day, but that is very hard to do, so we recommend leaving somplex strategies like card counting aside for now and learning how to get a small but regular income with these good-looking bad boys at the top of the charts.

1. Casino Card Games With Best Odds – Blackjack or 21

This is easily your best option when it comes to winning big. Not only is it a simple game, you only have to beat the dealer and if you’re at a crowded table, the ‘opposition’ can actually help you. You can stick on a low score, the dealer has to keep going until he has 17 and they may be tempted to take another card if they face losing to a number of players at the table. If the dealer busts, no matter how poor your hand, you win.

The house margin is around 1% in Blackjack, so it’s statistically the game that favours the player most too. Professor of analytics Michael Magazine recently found that a player has a 44-48% chance of winning every hand.

Remember that at no point should you give in to using insurance (truly the devil’s work, just like The Martingale System), or follow the dealer in what they do.

Blackjack is easily the most appealing game out there, and it is one of the most popular games in the world for a good reason. It is recommended along with slots for beginners, people who just want to stop thinking and have a good time, and for people who actually insist on throwing their money to the wind to impress hot chicks.

2. List of Casino Games – Craps

Craps looks mercilessly complicated, because it is. Stick to Pass-line bets, though, and your odds of winning remain close to 50-50. You won’t reap the full enjoyment from Craps without really studying the game, but if you’re a novice who doesn’t want to lose too much, it’s a decent way to get started in the online casino world.

There are many more rules to the game, and, really, we would insist that starting the game without knowing all the rules is a bit like flying a plane with the basic knowledge of how to plug in an iron, but it can be an immensely interesting game even if it is only about Pass/Don’t pass bets for you. We do, however, recommend reading all of the manual (never know what that might bring…no, really).

3. How to make money at a casino ? – Roulette

The game might be pure chance, but if you stick with red or black, you can’t go too far wrong. It’s still a gamble, but a near 50-50 chance is as solid as it gets. Add your favorite numbers with some smaller bets and see what happens, you can always get more adventurous as you start to get a feel for the game.

Make sure you choose the version of Roulette that best suits your needs (i.e. the version with one zero and not two), and inspect the stories of people who made huge amounts of money on Roulette before you in case there’s something to learn. The chances on Roulette are, in fact, closer to 48% because of the zero, but there are versions out there, reportedly, of no-zero Roulettes, mini-Roulette, and all other version that you may find more appealing.

Make sure you always inspect the Terms of Service as closely as possible, set your bankroll, and walk away when you reach the end of it, no matter how high the RTP is. The most important thing is to stay safe. The house always wins in the long run (most of the time).

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