How to win online roulette in online casinos – Martingale method

play online roulette and winIf you’re a veteran roulette player, you’ve probably heard of the Martingale method. The Martingale method is a simple strategy that even new online roulette players can employ. The player places their initial bet on a red, black, odd or even outcome. If they lose, they simply make the same bet again for double the original money, and repeat this process until they win. Red, black, odd and even bets all pay double whatever the player initially bet. Therefore, by doubling their bet each time, the player ensures that they only have to win once in order to win all their money back, along with an additional amount equal to their original bet. But does the Martingale method actually work?

Martingale strategy for online roulette

The Martingale method relies on the fact that red, black, odd and even outcomes each have a roughly one-in-two chance of occurring. It is therefore presumed that the roulette wheel is bound to land on whatever type of number the player placed their bet on sooner or later. On the surface, this sounds perfectly sensible. If you were to watch a roulette wheel spin all day, you’d probably think it was pretty suspicious if it didn’t land on (for example) a red number even once.

However, there is an element of ‘gambler’s fallacy’ involved in the Martingale method. In mathematical terms, each spin of a roulette wheel is a completely discrete, self-contained event. In other words, the odds of the wheel landing on a player’s chosen colour or number-type remain just under 50% for each spin, regardless of how many times the wheel has been spun previously. For example, it is entirely possible to spin an online roulette wheel in online casinos ten times and for it to land on black every time… which is bad news for anyone who happened to bet on red!

Martingale method – win online roulette tips – play safe.

Does this mean that you should avoid the Martingale method altogether? Surprisingly, the answer is ‘no’. The Martingale method does have some advantages. While each fresh spin offers the exact same odds of a favourable outcome as previous spins, it also creates another chance for that outcome to occur. Because the Martingale requires you to double your bet each time you lose, you only need one of those chances to pay off. This creates a situation where you can lose many times and only win once, yet still walk away with more money than you started with, without resorting to high-risk bets.

The Martingale method doesn’t guarantee success; there is every possibility that you will run out of money long before the roulette wheel lands on the colour or number you bet on (especially considering that you have to double your bet each time). You therefore shouldn’t expect to win big just because you employ the method. However, it can give you an advantage and make it somewhat less likely that you’ll walk away from the wheel with nothing.

Whether you’re in a physical casino or gambling online, the Martingale method can be used as a simple strategy to help you win. As long as you remember to gamble responsibly, not exceed your budget and not rely on it to get you out of trouble, it yields benefits!

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