Credit Cards

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After Approval

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A credit card is a plastic card used as a payment system. A credit card holder can buy different goods and services with his/her credit card. The issuer of the card forms a revolving account and gives a credit line to the user. The customer can borrow money from this credit for paying to a merchant and as a cash advance to the customer.

As a rule, credit card issuers don’t take interest charges if the customer replenishes his/her credit card balance each month, but they usually charge full interest on the outstanding balance from the date of a purchase if the user has not replenished the total balance.

Benefits to customers

  • Convenience,
  • quick and safe,
  • fraud protection,
  • track your spending,
  • cash back and other promotions
  • 24/7 Customer Support.

Moreover, many credit cards offer different rewards and benefits, for example, discounts on different goods and services, free loss and damage coverage on new purchases. You can also earn points to be redeemed for cash, products, and other things.

The most popular credit cards are Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express.

Visa is the leading payments system, which uses the forefront technology to introduce easy and secure payment options. Visa offers credit, debit and prepaid cards. The company has a wide range of credit cards to give its customers flexibility, convenience, safety, and control. Customers can find the credit card perfectly suited to their needs. They include loyalty reward schemes, cash back, retailer offers, air miles, or a low interest rate. Debit cards provide consumers with immediate access to their money.

MasterCard also offers credit, debit and prepaid cards that are widely accepted all around. Your MasterCard card is an optimal way to pay everywhere, when travelling abroad, paying at a restaurant, doing shopping, or paying for your day-to-day purchases. MasterCard means payment flexibility, unsurpassed acceptance, 24-hour instant ATM cash access, 24/7 help in over 30 languages and more. They run a wide range of promotions throughout the year to reward cardholders. You can get cash back, and plenty of priceless surprises.

Maestro allows you to use the money in your account securely through a global network of ATMs, shops and websites to pay for different things.

American Express offers a variety of Credit Cards with different rewards and benefits tailored to your lifestyle and interests. You can get loyalty Membership Rewards points, cash back, travel rewards and more.

All these cards are widely accepted at online casinos worldwide.