Look at the size of that whale...time for a bigger boat?

Remember the scene in Jaws when Roy Scheider casts an eye over the sheer scale of the titular shark for the very first time? He reckons he’ll need a bigger boat, and few would disagree with this dose of reality in the circumstances.

The same is true, my friends, of online casinos. Pick any online casino you like. But some of them just won’t have a big enough ‘boat’ to handle some players, and just can’t handle high rollers. High stakes casino gambling can make or break individual casinos, and only those that have a depth of financial resources can actually back it up.

High rollers like to feel welcomed, and there are plenty of casinos that are more than willing to roll out the red carpet and welcome you in with open arms. But what does it mean to be a high roller (What Does High Roller Mean (And How Do I Become One?), and how can you choose between these casinos (High Roller Bonuses Explained), to find those most equipped for your needs?

So What’s a High Roller Casino Anyway?

To be honest, high roller casinos are the same as any other casino, but with one very key difference. Instead of just serving the majority of ‘low’ rollers, who bet £10 here, £20 there, these casinos specifically target players who like to wager much larger bets.

It’s kind of like upping the ante, both for player and casino. Rather than dealing in small numbers, high roller casinos will do their level best to find players with a big gambling budget. The idea is that by getting these players on board, casinos have the chance to win more money as the player loses. Same business model, much bigger numbers.

In reality, the vast majority of online casinos will be open to high rollers - it’s just that some are more amenable to the needs of high rollers than others. One good way to differentiate is to look at the high roller bonuses on offer, and the VIP programmes each casino is offering.

These are designed to reflect the needs of the type of players they are trying to attract - in some cases, you can expect juicy bonuses, plus ongoing treats and promotions, including 5-star hotel bookings, tickets for major sporting events, and even a personal account manager.

Isn’t it funny how the casinos will go out of their comfort zone when it comes to high rollers? They see the dollar signs, and that means there’s plenty of scope for you to get a cracking deal, both on your welcome bonuses and on your ongoing loyalty.

What Does High Roller Mean (And How Do I Become One?)

This is one of those how-long-is-a-piece-of-string type questions. Ask twenty different casinos, and you can expect twenty different answers. It’s essentially whatever the casino in question chooses to mean ‘high roller’, and you’ll need to defer to their individual terms and conditions to see whether you qualify.

One thing is for sure - if you’re gambling with deposits in the thousands, and wagers in the hundreds, you can safely consider yourself to be a high roller. Even at more modest amounts, there are perks that become available as soon as you move beyond the first tier of £10 gamblers. These appear magically in the form of better bonuses, more generous loyalty programmes, and a generally much more friendly casino experience.

It’s almost like the casinos treat big money customers better than their bread and butter gamblers - unfortunate for those that aren’t high rollers, but good news for those of us who really do mean business with our casino gambling.

High Roller Casino Bonuses Explained

It’s very simple, really. If a casino is in the market for finding high rollers, and can afford to underwrite their gambling, they’ll be prepared to put their money where their mouths are. In terms of bonuses, that means specific offers targeting those with serious money to spend.

If you’re placing a big deposit, you can expect to find bonuses ranging from $500 right through to several thousands of dollars. In fact, with some casinos, the peaks are unlimited, and there’s the potential to earn yourself very generous bonuses, simply for setting up an account and getting started.

These bonuses work for the casinos, because they can expect to make more money from high rollers than from the average player. At the same time, they’re a good deal for high rollers too, because it means you get access to more generous bonuses than you would get as a regular old player. So it’s a win/win situation...until you take all their money, of course.

Are High Roller Slots Worth It?

One of the most popular choices for high rollers over the last five years has been slots. It used to be that high rollers stuck to the likes of blackjack, poker and even roulette - but with the opportunities for massive jackpot wins, especially with progressive slots, an increasing number have turned their attention to slots as a way to maximise wins on their high stakes wagers.

It’s worth proceeding with caution - some slots are better than others, particularly those with a medium to low variance. But if budget really is no option for you, it’s worth finding the game with the highest RTP you can, and the biggest jackpots waiting to be picked.

You can find yourself spinning for up to £400-£500 per spin, with the chance of winning tens of thousands or more in a single spin. You won’t win every time, but you shouldn’t find it too difficult to see some decent wins with big money slots.

So are they worth it? Absolutely. When Lady Luck is on your side, this can be a great strategy for bolstering your winnings. Plus, depending on the bonus you’re playing with, slots will generally contributed fully to your wagering requirements - another major advantage of big money slots over other games.

How To Play At High Roller Casinos

To be eligible for high rollers bonuses, you generally need to follow a few basic steps as outlined below:

  • Register for an account: Find a high roller casino you like the look of (check out our reviews for our selected recommendations).
  • Deposit a high roller amount: This varies from casino to casino, so check the terms and conditions to find out what constitutes ‘high roller’ level at a given casino.
  • Claim the bonus: Once you’ve chosen your bonus offer and made your relevant deposit, it’s time to claim the bonus. Take note of your wagering requirements and other obligations according to the terms and conditions - you’ll need to refer to them shortly.
  • Wager heavily: Don’t sign up as a high roller and then start placing bets for a couple of pounds...that’s not the way to do it. Instead, wager heavily from the outset to get access to the very best bonuses, terms and conditions.
  • Withdraw: But only once you’ve met the bonus criteria. If you don’t, you’re running the risk of losing your deposit, bonus and winnings - so it’s crucial to pay attention to the wagering requirements in particular, before requesting your withdrawal.

If you meet these criteria in order, you’ll be eligible to claim your high roller bonuses, as well as withdraw from your account, without additional difficulty. Oh, and if you’re a VIP player, you can also pick up some unique bonuses along the way. We’ve got an agreement in place with WagerShare (home to casinos like Spin Palace, Mummys Gold and others). If you’re a VIP and you can prove it, get in touch with support, and they’ll open up a whole new raft of bonuses targeted to you, specifically.

We’ve listed the casinos with the best VIP and high roller programmes below, so you can get access to the best terms in the industry. If you’re a high roller, these casinos will adapt to your needs, not the other way round - and that’s the way it should be!

High Roller Casinos

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$ 250

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Maximum first deposit bonus

$ 250

First deposit bonus match

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Maximum first deposit bonus

$ 32 for every $ 10

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Maximum first deposit bonus

$ 200

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Maximum first deposit bonus

$ 450

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