The world’s weirdest slots games no deposit

online slot gamesOnline slot machines are fun, easy to use and potentially lucrative. Many use creative, off-beat themes to make them even more appealing. However, some slot machine themes aren’t just quirky, they’re outright bizarre! To prove it, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite weird and wonderful themed slot machines from around the web.

3. The Monty Python’s Spamalot slot machine game

Spamalot is a massively popular musical comedy, and the Monty Python team themselves are national treasures. Nonetheless, Spamalot is a pretty odd cultural artefact to theme a slot machine around. What makes this online slots game particularly strange is its commitment to the spirit of Monty Python’s comedy. The game features songs from the Spamalot musical, hilarious cut-away animations and a surprising (but welcome) guest appearance from the Knights who say ‘Ni’.

2. You Lucky Barstard

You Lucky Barstard is the only slots game we’ve ever heard of that uses swearing and insults you. Does this make the game less enjoyable? Surprisingly, the answer is no. There’s a certain satisfaction to be had in beating a curmudgeonly, confrontational slots game. Its misspelling of the word ‘barstard’ isn’t accidental: it’s designed to evoke the ‘bar’ symbol on a slot machine’s reel. It might be insulting you, but at least this slots game has a sense of humour!

1. Planet Exotica

Planet Exotica might just be the most peculiar and lascivious slot machine game ever conceived. The game’s graphics simulate an alien strip club, where extraterrestrials in skimpy outfits cavort while you gamble. If you enjoy gambling online in a more outré environment, this could be the slots game for you. Surely all that alien nudity would be rather distracting, though? Planet Exotica definitely deserves the top spot on our list; it caters to such a specific niche that we can only assume that it’s aiming to have shock value – either that or the creator spent a lot of time in the web’s seedier corners.

These are the oddest slot machine games we’ve ever encountered, but we’re sure there are even stranger ones out there. Have you ever come across a truly outlandish slots game while gambling online? If so, why not tell us about it in the comments section?

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