The four types of online gambler

online casino gamblingRegardless of who you are or what type of personality you have, gambling online can be a engaging and exciting hobby. But did you know that your personality can affect the way in which you gamble? It’s true! There are four types of online gambler, and each has a distinct style of play that’s dependent on their character and outlook.

1. The risk taker

Risk takers like to live dangerously; they place substantial sums of money on bets where the odds are stacked against them. They accept the risk of significant losses in exchange for the chance of winning big. Risk takers are defined by their thrill-seeking, energetic personalities; they love taking chances because that’s what makes them feel most engaged!

2. The strategist

A typical strategist has a quiet, composed personality and an affection for problem- and puzzle-solving. As such, they enjoy working out the most reliable way to win and putting it into practice. They gamble for the satisfaction of seeing a well-formulated strategy work perfectly and yield rewards. For strategists, the financial winnings are only a secondary prize; the real reward is being able to demonstrate their expertise at a game.

3. The fun-lover

Not everybody gambles to win or to test their gaming abilities. Some people just want to have a good time! Fun-lovers will take risks, but only with limited amounts of money because they don’t want the game to become tense. They gamble to enjoy a frisson of excitement, but not at the cost of becoming stressed. They have a laid-back, easy-going attitude towards gambling online and are likely to pursue the hobby very casually.

4. The success-seeker

Success-seekers aspire to play online casino games to a professional standard. Like strategists, they know the best moves to make. However, they may also take substantial risks if they decide that the potential rewards are worth it. Their main motivation is simple; they want to win! They are characterised by their focused personalities and goal-oriented world-view.
Different types of people enjoy gambling online for different reasons, and online gambling has something to offer everyone. Some individuals are seeking the thrill of risk-taking, others view each game as a challenge to beat. Some gamble for the fun of it, whereas others want to win large amounts of cash. What type of online gambler are you?

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