How star sign influence your gambling

Online GamblingWhich of us haven’t ever dreamt of winning whether it is a music competition, a sport event or a gambling game? When gambling we always remember the Lady Luck and wait for the lucky strike. We want to know the most suitable time for spinning reels or playing blackjack. Now let’s see if your Sun Sign can help you when you gamble.

Aries: you are aggressive and like to compete, thereby fast moving games that involve more than one player, for example, craps are just for you. Study the odds, and your rivals to calculate your chances. You’d better avoid poker, since you’re passionate, therefore all your emotions are written all over your face.

Taurus: you are conservative and cautious so most games are against your nature, however you can try games with fixed odds. When you know the odds, you think everything is under control. You don’t like to part with your money, so you’d better play free games or the games with the lowest house edge like blackjack.

Gemini: you prefer lively games, therefore roulette, baccarat, poker is for you. You are too hazardous, so you’d better avoid slots. Your natural quickness helps you to throw the dice to get the roll you need in craps. This is the fast pace game that perfectly suits your restless nature. But don’t sit at the craps table in a bad mood.
Cancer: You are a stay-at-home, so crowded and noisy casinos aren’t your scene. However, you can gamble online! Nowadays there is a great choice of online gambling establishments, therefore you will surely find something you like and win big. You are careful and remember cards and numbers well, you can try roulette and blackjack.

Leo: You like gorgeousness and luxury thereby casinos with their lights, noise and the bombastic nature definitely appeal to you. And what about the game? Bingo! You love to be the center of attention and when you call out BINGO, everyone is looking at you. You also like risk and drive so you can try any other casino game especially roulette.

Virgo: you are practical and analytical. You don’t like to risk your money that’s why the casino isn’t a place for you. However, if you learn to use your analytical abilities you may find a game, for example, blackjack. You know how to get to the core of the problem and blackjack gives you an opportunity to show your worth.


Libra: you are indecisive, diplomatic, and social, you will like the casino with crowds of people. However, it may take you lots of time to find a game you like. You are not passionate and may get upset if you lose. So is the game worth the candle?

Scorpio: you are a strategist and tactician so poker is your game, without a doubt. You can play many moves ahead, you have the best poker face of all the signs. All this makes you one of the most dangerous rivals in the casino floor.

Sagittarius: you are too impetuous, and risky! You like gambling from roulette to poker. The good thing is that Lady Luck loves you and very often it plays on your side!

Capricorn: you are conservative and practical. It’s hard for you to part with you money but you are ambitious and dream of making a killing. Because you like simplicity, try simple games like Baccarat.

Aquarius: you are perspicacious, and clever. Your scientific and analytic mind may help you win at many games, especially poker or blackjack. But you are also eccentric and sceptic, so most of you find gambling low and don’t gamble.

Pisces: you are suspicious, soft, and don’t like risk, so you often move past gambling venues. However, you can see Pisces near slots, those machines that are far from the crowd, somewhere in the corner. It’s worth noting you play conservatively and don’t risk your money.

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