Social Casino Gaming – Gaining Traction!

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A number of the leading online casino providers offer social casinos, with virtual currency that eliminates the element of real gambling from the equation. At first they were thought of as a gateway to the grown-up casinos, but these social spheres have evolved into gaming communities all of their own.

Social Slots Casino Game

888 and more are launching their own type of social networks that allow people to play casino games and enjoy the social interaction, but without risking real money. Of course the traditional best casino social slots are offered alongside these social ventures, but players can opt to skirt the gambling element altogether and simply focus on playing the game, having fun and chatting with like-minded people.

It was inevitable. The internet has proven time and again that like-minded people gather in the same places. So people that enjoy traditional casino games can get together and with the white hot element of competition taken away they can relax and chat amongst themselves. It’s much less serious than a real casino and these so-called casual games have attracted a raft of new players, especially women, to the best casino online.

Zynga, the social gaming giant, has withdrawn its application for a real money gaming license, instead deciding to focus on social casino games that, like Candy Crush Sage and Farmville before it, allow for in-game purchases that help people achieve goals. This ‘freemium’ model is a world away from the traditional casinos, but it is gaining in popularity and helping to launch a whole genre of new microgaming casinos.

Social casino gaming competition

300 million social gamblers have been drawn into the casinos on Facebook alone, just 2% of these pay to play, whereas the rest enjoy a casual game without risking real money. Social gamers have different aspirations, like climbing leaderboards, beating their friends and accessing bonus levels and other tried and trusted tricks of the casual gaming world.

If these casual gamers cross the divide and join the live social casino revolution as paying players then the potential for the industry is simply massive. Convincing the casual gamer that they can win big money, then, rather than simply play for power-ups, is high on the agenda with all the major gambling houses right now.

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