Growth of the UK’s online gambling industry affect players?

gambling-industryThe United Kingdom’s betting market is massive: it’s worth around £6 billion per annum. The online gambling part of that betting market is even more astounding, representing the biggest online gambling market in Europe. In 2012, the UK’s online betting sector constituted an astounding 8% of Europe’s online casino market, and it’s only been growing since then. In fact, the UK’s online gambling sector currently accounts for a disproportionate portion of the growth in the nation’s overall betting market.

But what does all this mean for online casinos and gamblers in the UK? There are likely to be a number of effects. Some of these will be beneficial to ordinary online gamblers like you, whereas others won’t be.

1. Wealthier casino sites online, bigger prizes and better bonuses

As the UK’s online gambling market continues to expand, the most well-established and respected casinos will become even more profitable. That means that they can afford to offer better bonuses and special prizes to gamblers like you! When you’re gambling online, try to keep your eyes peeled for great bonus opportunities and extravagant prizes!

2. Best online gambling sites UK – more casinos and more choice

Naturally, a thriving online gambling market is likely to attract new online gambling businesses. The number of gambling websites available in the UK is already growing at a steady rate, so you can expect to see that trend continue. What this means is that consumers like you will have more choice regarding where to gamble and what types of online casino games to play.

3. More scams – gamble games

Sadly, there is a downside to the proliferation of online casinos that we mentioned in ‘point 2’: not all new online casinos will be reputable! As the number of gambling websites continues to grow, it will become increasingly important to check that a site has the appropriate certification before you use it. You should also check what type of gambling software it uses. Casinos that use Platech, NetEnt or Microgaming software can usually be trusted!

The future looks bright for the UK’s online gambling industry. It also looks bright for players like you, provided you remember to check that your chosen casino is reputable!

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