2016: The Biggest Slots Jackpot Year Ever?

As 2017 gets into full swing, online gamblers everywhere are dusting off the January blues and getting right back to chasing those life-changing jackpots. With more players joining the action year on year, the jackpots on offer look like they are only getting bigger. Particularly with online slots, some of the prizes scooped up in 2016 are huge, and the three biggest game developers – Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech – have been at the heart of the action.

Microgaming Jackpots in 2016

Microgaming_2016Microgaming is my personal favourite when it comes to casino games developers. It’s a bit like supporting Manchester United (in the Sir Alex Ferguson era, at least), but I can’t help how I feel…they just do it so well. For me, the games are just a cut above in terms of their design, graphics and payouts, and by the look of some of the jackpots paid out in 2016, it remains at the top of the pile.

Mega Moolah, their mega cash jackpot slot, has continued to be their highest payer, with some 6 progressive jackpots dropping throughout the year. The biggest was hit in 5th November 2016, topping a staggering £11,633,233. And for those who think that was a one off, another £5,634,028 dropped just 11 days later.

Second prize goes to the lucky winner who landed an £11,609,115 on the 28th August, with honourable mentions for June’s £10,143,941 win, and another £10,422,504 in April. At this rate, it’s probably no surprise that Mega Moolah remains one of the favourite titles for the jackpot chasers.

Major Millions and King Cashalot also saw decent sized payouts in 2016, with £1,186,072 in October following on from a win of £908,970 in August. It’s been another good year for Microgaming, and 2017 is sure to hold more of these huge jackpots in store.

What about NetEnt?

netent_2016NetEnt also makes some pretty good online slot machines, like Mega Fortune and Hall of Gods. It’s not quite on the level with Microgaming, who are pretty much as good as founding partners in this industry, but it’s not far behind. Just ask anyone who won a NetEnt jackpot in 2016 – I’m sure they’re not complaining.

Mega Fortune was, as ever, the big payer with NetEnt last year. The biggest win came just 10 days before Christmas, when one lucky player hit €7,436,518 on a single spin…nice! Jackpots throughout the year ranged from €2,697,266 back in January, through to a sprinkling of millions including €3,777,620 in March, €3,537,698 in May and €4,863,588 in September.

Hall of Gods paid out a single €7,437,302 in October, after a €1,682,413 win in January. It’s never been too big a payer for me, and with just two jackpots in the millions registered in 2016, these were very lucky players indeed. Arabian Nights did well too, with two separate multi-million jackpots over the year – €2,200,502 in February, and €1,021,243 in June.

Playtech 2016 Jackpot Wins

playtech_2016Playtech pays out on their Jackpot Giant jackpot regularly, which currently stands at €4,437,423. The last time someone hit the prize, they walked away with €5,889,992, back in January 2016. Could that mean it’s getting ready to drop again?

Beach Life is usually a strong performer for Playtech, and this continued in 2016, with a single jackpot payout hitting €2,504,651 in July. Sweet Party is another you should probably check out – on average, it paid €1,068,942 in 13 days over 2016, and it’s expected to continue to be a strong performer (not to mention an entertaining slots game) in 2017.

With 2016 now fading into memory, it surely was a strong year for progressive jackpot wins. But the good thing about progressive slots jackpots is that they never end – as soon as it pays out, it’s back to building up the prize fund for the next time. Who knows what 2017 could have in store – remember, it only takes a spin to win.

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