4 tips on winning casinos with progressive jackpots

winning progressive jackpotsWhether your game is video poker or slots, the progressive jackpot represents a big trophy for the online casino player.

On a game with progressive jackpots, the winnable amount increases every time a player uses the machine.

If you bide your time and strategy correctly, you can really make a killing by targeting such Playtech casino games. Here are four tips to making sure you bag the big bucks on progressive sites.

Find a site with attractive progressive rules for getting progressive casino jackpot

Different casinos will offer different progressive rules and some are more lucrative than others. Take some time to look through the listings here to locate the ones with the most player-friendly terms and conditions regarding how the money adds up. It’s a good idea to do some research into how regularly their jackpots pay out too. We also list the various Playtech casino bonuses on offer, so you can make sure you get a nice incentive when you sign up.

Check progressive jackpot games – how much you bet can improve your chances

On many Playtech casino slot games, the chances of winning the progressive jackpot will increase if you play a higher stake. If you are playing on one of these sites and you have the budget, it’s a smart move to heighten your bet, given the size of the overall potential win.

Timing is the key on winning progressive jackpots win

Take some time to sit back and watch how the numbers are adding up on your chosen machine or game. Try to figure out what the average jackpot that pays out is. Then, look to start playing when the jackpot goes over the average figure. As well as improving your odds of winning, the above average prize makes it worth your while to invest some chips.

Set a progressive game budget

While there is a tendency amongst some players to see the progressive jackpot as an investment – i.e. “if I stick in enough money, I’m sure to win it back plus interest in the end” – in truth, this is not the case. The unfortunate reality is that you could spend hours on the same progressive machine and never bag the jackpot. With that in mind, make a budget for how much you are prepared to spend without a win and stick to it. Knowing when to back out is one of the most important parts of online casino play.

Playing for a progressive jackpot on a Playtech casino game can be extremely lucrative. Keep these tips in mind next time you play and give yourself the best chances of success.

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