Casinos in Tasmania

Tasmania, an island state in Australia, is 240km to the south of the mainland. The Bass Strait separates the mainland and the island.

The main island of Tasmania is the 26th largest island in the world, surrounded by 1000 islands. It is the least populated Australian state with the second smallest economy. Education, aquaculture, agriculture, healthcare, and tourism contribute the most to the local economy.

Wrest Point Casino Hotel
Wrest Point Casino Hotel
410 Sandy Bay Rd, Hobart 7005 Tasmania, Australia
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Live Dealer
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Country Club Casino
Country Club Casino
Country Club Avenue, Prospect Vale, TAS, 7250, Australia
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Nearly half of Tasmania comprises World Heritage Sites and national parks.

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Size of Tasmania

Smallest state in Australia

68,401 square kilometers

Most Populated Area

40% of the residents live in the Greater Hobart area


Least populated Australian state

541,965 residents

Important Gaming Laws

Gaming Control Act of 1993

Licensed Casinos

Country Club Casino in Launceston

Wrest Point Hotel Casino in Hobart

Legality of Casinos in Tasmania

Federal Group, a company belonging to the Sydney-based Farrell family, established Australia’s first casino in Tasmania in 1973. The Federal Group has been enjoying a gambling monopoly in Tasmania ever since.

The Tasmanian parliament passed a bill in October 2021 to end the Federal Group monopoly. Venues can own and lease poker machines of their own for the first time from July 1, 2023. The new model allows venues to retain a larger share of their pokie revenue and gives them the freedom to operate their business in their way.

The bill also allows the state to issue 20-year licenses that expire in 2043. It raises tax rates on poker machines in clubs and hotels. According to an expert estimate, the Federal Group will run into a loss of around $25 million per year, while pubs and clubs will profit more than $14 million per year.

The bill continues to grant the Federal Group monopoly on keno games and slashes tax rates for licensed casinos by nearly half. As a result, the state will lose tax revenue of close to $250 million over 20 years.

Tasmania's new gambling law allows the government to license two more casinos, and the Federal Group is eligible to apply for one of these licenses.

Tasmania gamblers spend $12 to $16 million on gambling every month. According to the Social and Economic Impact Study commissioned by the Government of Tasmania, electronic gambling machines contribute over half of the state's tax revenue, casinos contribute 4%, and lottery games contribute 34%.

Check the following table for an overview of the legalities of gambling in Tasmania.

Tasmania Gambling Information Portal

Legal Games

Sports betting, casino gaming, poker machines, poker games, keno, lotteries

Unlawful Games

Any game conducted without state approval, authorization, or license is illegal in Tasmania.

Gambling Regulator in Tasmania

Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission

Responsibilities of the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission

The Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission is an independent body that regulates gambling in Tasmania.

The following are its duties:

  • Regulate all gambling activities in Tasmania.
  • Monitor gambling activities and provide the required information and advice.
  • Minimize harm associated with gambling.

Tasmania Minimum Gambling Age

The residents of Tasmania must be at least 18 years old to gamble legally.

Tasmania’s two licensed casinos require all patrons above 12 to be fully vaccinated or produce an approved exemption. They also implement several safety measures, including good hygiene, social distancing, regular cleaning, cashless payment, and contact tracing.

The casinos train all their employees on Covid-19 safety protocols and provide comprehensive training for visitors who come into frequent contact with guests.

List of Land-based Casinos in Tasmania

Tasmania has two licensed casinos, which deliver comprehensive gaming services to residents and tourists. Both Wrest Point Hotel and Country Club Tasmania belong to the Federal Group, which currently enjoys a gambling monopoly in the state.

Check the following table for an overview of these hotel casinos.  



Contact Info



Other Games

Country Club  Tasmania

Country Club Avenue,

Prospect Vale, TAS, 7250.



1800-635-344 (Free call)

+61-3-6335 5777 (International)

Country Club Tasmania is more than a hotel casino. It is a lovely lakeside resort, where guests can rest and relax, enjoy warm country hospitality, and interact with the native wildlife.

Country Club Tasmania is in Prospect Vale, ten minutes from the Launceston CBD.

The property has sophisticated bars and restaurants, a golf course, on-site bars, and plenty of free parking.

A stay at Country Club Tasmania is excellent for the entire family. You can go horse riding, play golf, enjoy drinks, or just relax in your hotel room.

You can also easily access attractive places like the Tamar Valley Wine Route, Cataract Gorge, Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, and Blue Derby mountain bike trails.

Yes, but poker tables are currently closed

Table games, electronic gambling machines, TASkeno, sports betting

Wrest Point Hotel & Casino

410 Sandy Bay Rd, Hobart 7005 Tasmania, Australia

1-8000-30611 (free call)

Wrest Point Hotel is home to the first licensed casino in Australia.

It nestles on the banks of River Derwent and offers a waterfront casino and bar, fine dining options, and endless entertainment.

Wrest Point Hotel is celebrating its 50th anniversary by expanding the Birdcage bar and lounge and introducing an American smokehouse.

Stay at Wrest Point Tower Hotel, Wrest Point Motor Inn, and Wrest Point Water Edge Hotel and enjoy features like free Wi-Fi, free parking, free in-room movies, access to the pool and gym, and food & drink vouchers.

Yes, but poker tables are currently closed

TASkeno, table games, electronic gambling machines, sports betting

Best Casinos in Tasmania in 2023

Tasmania offers sports wagering, pokie gaming machines, and other betting activities in licensed hotels, pubs, and clubs. But the experience of playing at licensed casinos in Tasmania stands in a class of its own.

You can enjoy the ultimate gaming services at Country Club Tasmania and Wrest Point Hotel. The casinos share similar features because they both belong to the Federal Group, a company that currently enjoys a gaming monopoly in Tasmania.

Wrest Point Hotel

The casino at Wrest Point Hotel is the only casino in Hobart, featuring a slick new bar, panoramic waterfront views, and several games, including electronic gaming machines, blackjack, poker, TASkeno, and sports betting. The casino has experienced croupiers willing to teach first-time gamblers or those who haven't played for a long time.  

Wrest Point has an extensive library of table games. You can choose from Federal Baccarat, Federal Pontoon, Rapid Roulette, Blackjack, and American Roulette. If you prefer electronic gaming machines, you can choose from sophisticated machines with a wide range of denominations. The casino has linked several machines to create progressive jackpots.

Wrest Point Hotel Casino offers customized and unique VIP gaming experiences. You can join the Federal Rewards Program for free to become eligible for VIP rewards. Boardwalk Gaming is another exciting feature of Wrest Point Hotel Casino because it offers several electronic gaming machines and a TAB lounge area.

Country Club Tasmania

Home to the only licensed casino in Launceston, Country Club Tasmania offers table games, TAB facilities, TASkeno, and electronic gambling machines. It also happens to be the third oldest casino in Australia.

The table games at Country Club Tasmania include Rapid Roulette, American Roulette, Texas Hold'em, Blackjack, Federal Pontoon, and Federal Baccarat. The hotel casino spreads its electronic gambling machines across two levels. It has also linked several machines together to create massive progressive jackpots running into thousands of AUD.

Watergarden Gaming is another exciting feature of the casino, featuring a wide range of electronic gaming machines, a TAB lounge area, TASkeno, and a bar & cafe overlooking the water features and the gardens. The Watergarden Dining Restaurant is also on this level.

You can also enjoy VIP Gaming services at Country Club Tasmania. Become a member of the Federal Rewards Club, a loyalty program at Wrest Point and Country Club, and enjoy tailored and unique gaming experiences.

Tasmanian Casinos with Bonuses

Country Club Tasmania and Wrest Point Hotel do not disappoint patrons looking for discounts, bonuses, and offers. Visit the official websites of these hotel casinos and click on What's On or Special Offers in their main menus to find out what's on offer. Most offers are common to both casinos because they belong to the same company.

The following table gives you an overview of the offers you can grab at the two hotel casinos:   


What Gives


Federal Rewards Club

Federal Rewards Club is a loyalty program common to Wrest Point Hotel and Country Club Tasmania.

You can become a member for free and earn points whenever you produce your member card while dining, staying, and playing at the two venues.

Members get discounted food and drinks and accommodation and other exclusive offers.

Visit member services and provide a photo ID to become a member of the Federal Rewards Club.

Wrest Point Hotel

Country Club Tasmania

Member Zone Promo


Wrest Point Hotel Casino offers free promotional machines for new members.

You can play games for free and win exciting prizes.

The member promo zone is in the Boardwalk opposite member services.

Wrest Point Hotel

Member Promo Zone


Play the Jackpods whenever you visit Country Club Casino to earn extra rewards points.

The Member Promo Zone is in the Watergarden opposite member services.

Country Club Casino

Booking Offers

Book your room 30 days in advance to save your money.

If you book the Value Direct offer, you can get a voucher valid throughout your stay.

Country Club Casino

Wrest Point Hotel

Country Club Villas


You can save 20% if you book two nights at Country Club Villas.

Country Club Casino

Email Offers


Sign up to receive special offers and the latest news through email.

Enter your email address on the hotel casino website and click on Sign Up.

Country Club Tasmania

Wrest Point Hotel

40,000 Birthday Points


Win your share of 40,000 points every day by participating in the 40th Birthday promo on the JackPODS at Country Club.

Country Club Tasmania

History of Gambling in Tasmania

Tasmania has an eventful, interesting, and noteworthy gambling history. Below are some of the most important events in the state’s gambling history.

  • Tattersalls launched Australia's first lottery game in Tasmania. Today, the company enjoys a lottery monopoly throughout Australia.
  • The first two legal casinos in Australia were established in Tasmania.
  • Australia started offering its first poker machines in a casino in Tasmania.
  • Federal Hotels, which owns the two licensed casinos in Tasmania, have a monopoly on poker machines.

Gambling was the most hotly discussed topic in the Tasmanian state election of 2018. Rebecca White (Labor Party) wanted to eliminate poker machines from hotels, clubs, and pubs and confine them only to licensed casinos. But the Liberal Party wanted to give a 20-year license to all venues with poker machines.

Guide for New Visitors to Tasmania Casinos

Every licensed gambling venue in Tasmania has codes of conduct, rules & regulations, and dress codes. We recommend calling the hotel, club, or pub to know its rules before planning a visit. If possible, visit with a friend familiar with the gambling venue.

Here is a guide for first-time visitors to Tasmania casinos:

Visit the Website: Both Country Club Tasmania and Wrest Point Hotel & Casino have official websites with details of their features, offers, rules & regulations, and timings. We recommend exploring the websites before planning a visit. If you have a question, call the casino staff and get the required clarification and information.

Dress Appropriately: Country Club Tasmania and Wrest Point Hotel & Casino have dress codes. The casinos expect their guests to dress neatly and avoid the following.

  • Dirty shoes and clothes
  • Swimwear
  • Offensive slogans
  • Helmets and hoodies
  • Sleeveless t-shirts and shorts for men    

Appropriate Behavior: Licensed casinos in Tasmania are also particular about your behavior. The staff will refuse to serve you alcohol if you are intoxicated. They do not allow intoxicated customers to gamble. If you are drunk, the casino will ask you to leave.

You cannot enter the casino if you are below 18. Attempting to enter the casino with a fake ID is an offense.

Learn Game Rules: Avoid wagering money on games you do not know to play. Instead, ask one of the croupiers to familiarize you with the rules. Croupiers at licensed casinos in Tasmania are happy to help first-time visitors or players who haven’t played for a long time.

Play Responsibly: Follow the casino rules and gamble safely. Licensed casinos in Tasmania support responsible gambling and encourage their patrons to play responsibly. Avoid mixing alcohol with gambling, stick to your bankroll limits, and end your gaming session when you have lost or won a pre-determined amount.

Why People Choose Casinos in Tasmania

Tasmania, also called Tassie, is an exciting place for gamblers and non-gamblers. Gambling enthusiasts have plenty of betting options, including the two licensed casinos of Tasmania. Plus, there is much to do when you are not gambling.

Half of Tasmania features mist-covered peaks, alpine lakes, rivers, World Heritage sites, and national parks. You can work up an appetite by taking long walks through the breathtakingly beautiful mountains and forests of Tasmania and the plunge into gastronomic delights like seafood, crisp fruits, and creamy cheeses.

Here are a few ways to enjoy your holiday in Tasmania:

  • Go on a hiking trip to Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park.
  • Appreciate art and culture in the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart.
  • Explore the sheltered coves and sea cliffs of the Tasman peninsula.
  • Visit Coles Bay for walking and climbing.
  • Try fishing in the Tasman National Park.


Is poker legal in Tasmania?

Poker is legal in Tasmania, but poker tables are currently closed in both the licensed casinos of Tasmania because of Covid-19 restrictions.

Why does the Federal Group enjoy a gambling monopoly in Tasmania?

Nobody knows why the Groom government of 1993 granted the Federal Group monopoly over all pokie machines in Tasmania. The authorities granted an exclusive license to Federal Group, giving it ownership of every pokie machine in Tasmania. Moreover, the government lowered the tax rate and permitted pokies in the two licensed Federal-owned casinos in the state. However, a recently passed bill will end this monopoly from July 2023.

Are there proposals for new casinos in Tasmania?

New gambling laws provide for two new casinos in Tasmania, one in North Tasmania and one in South Tasmania. Federal Group is also eligible to apply for these licenses, although it will no longer be the gambling monopoly in the state.

How do the two licensed casinos in Tasmania help their patrons gamble responsibly?

The two licensed casinos in Tasmania support responsible gambling and encourage their patrons to play safely. They have a self-exclusion program for patrons experiencing gambling harm. If you need support, counseling, or assistance, you can call Gambling Helpline (1800-858-858), Relationships Australia (1300-364-277), and Anglicare Tasmania (1800-243-232).

Are online casinos legal in Tasmania?

Online casinos are illegal in Tasmania. The state regulator does not license, certify, or authorize any company or individual to operate online casino gaming services in its territory. However, you can play at any licensed offshore online casino that is not on the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) block list.

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