Tether Casinos for Aussies

Tether (USDT), a cryptocurrency also called stablecoin, is backed by the USD. The cryptocurrency first appeared on the Bitcoin blockchain and later integrated with the Ethereum blockchain. Each Tether unit is equal to US$1, which makes it safe to use as a casino payment method at Australian online casinos.

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Tether was launched in 2014, and over the years of its existence, it managed to become one of the four biggest cryptocurrencies in the world, which says a lot about the credibility of this cryptocurrency.

As we have mentioned above, the value of Tether depends on the value of the US dollar, which protects USDT from price fluctuation and makes Tether payments more attractive for gambling experience, especially if a player would like to exchange his or her winnings at Tether casinos for fiat currency.

However, despite the fact that Tether can not experience huge price fluctuations like, for example, Bitcoin, it still has all the advantages of crypto. Such as fast deposits and withdrawals and, what is the most important, full anonymity.

Tether Casinos Overview

Are you a Tether user who wants to play real money casino games with Tether?

Your search ends here because our experts identify, research, review, and rate the best Australia-facing Tether casinos for real money. We consider the following criteria while selecting Australian Tether online casinos for review and rating.


Our recommended Tether online casinos operate on a valid gaming license.


We list Tether online casinos belonging to reputed and financially fit companies.

Games & Software

We ensure that the online casino has partnered with reputed software providers and offers thousands of multi-vendor games.


The bonuses at our recommended Tether online casinos function exactly as the online casinos advertise.

Customer Support

We list online casinos only after testing their customer support for responsiveness, courtesy, and helpfulness.

Pick a Tether online casino that accepts Australian players from our list and sign up to start playing with Tether.

Why choose Tether online casino

The following facts set Tether apart from other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. 


Tether can be used to change your cash into digital currency which enables you to fix its value to the price of different fiat currencies like the US Dollar ,Chinese Yuan and the Euro.

100% Backed

Each Tether coin is 100% backed by reserves, which include cash equivalents, traditional currency, and other assets.


Tether Limited, the parent company of Tether, regularly publishes the value of its reserves.

Blockchain Technology

Tether is built on open blockchain technologies and takes full advantage of the security and transparency behind the open blockchain.


The technology behind Tether makes it safe and secure. Tether also complies with international regulations and standards.

Widespread Integration

You can purchase, sell, and use Tether coins at major service providers and exchanges.

Also, speaking of security, we have to mention that, indeed, Tether offers many benefits in the field of security, like most other cryptos. Here we can mention the fact that Tether allows you to make anonymous transactions that secure your funds and personal data. Also, transactions in cryptocurrencies are harder to intercept.

However, there is also a financial side of the security of dealing with Tether, and it is more complicated. Generally speaking, most cryptocurrencies are not very safe financially because such currencies as bitcoin or Ethereum are highly volatile, and you can lose your funds due to the price fluctuations.

In theory, Tether should not have all these problems because it is pegged to the US Dollar.

However, we do not know for sure whether the people who run Tether have enough dollars to cover everything. Therefore, your gambling experience, even at the best Tether online casinos, can be risky.

Top-3 best Tether casinos for Aussies

If after the reading of this article you decide to give chance Tether casinos, here is the list of the 3 best ones that would save your time, because Tether casinos listed on this page are tested by our specialists.

  1. The first one is Tsars Casino. It can be described as a marvelous casino platform that allows crypto payments. At the Tsars Casino, you would be able to find thousands of different casino games, including but not limited to various slots, live casino games, and many table games. Also, this safe casino provides players with impressive maximum payouts. Furthermore, the list of game providers is impressive and includes only big and well-known names. Furthermore, we should mention bonuses, and at the Tsars Casino, they are pretty huge; new players can get as much as 2.000 euro and 200 free spins.
  2. The second casino on our list is Casoo Casino; this online casino can also offer more than 3.000 various online casino games, from slots to poker games, all of which are provided by the top-ranking developers. Moreover, the casino is well-known for the fact that they update their books faster than anyone else on the market. So, you would be able to try new games before anyone else. Another advantage of this casino is the fact that it is available in many different languages, from English to German and Polish. Also, you can engage in USDT gambling in this casino from mobile devices.
  3. The third casino that accepts Tether and that you have to try if you want to engage in gambling with Tether is mBit. This casino offers great welcome bonuses, and it has a pretty impressive list of games that you can try. Moreover, some of those games are probably fair, which would make your experience only safer and better. Also, USDT games in this tether casino are from top developers such as evolution gaming and pragmatic play.

Furthermore, we have to mention that there are many more casinos that support Tether cryptocurrency and give USDT bonuses. So, if you feel that none of the casinos above is your right tether casino you can explore cryptocurrency casinos on your own.

How to pick the best Tether online casino?

If you have already tried the casinos that we have mentioned above, or if you would like to do everything by yourself, you can find a Tether casino independently. However, in this case, you have to remember that choosing an online casino is a very responsible task because the wrong choice of the casino may lead to unpleasant consequences like the loss of funds or personal data. Also, not all casinos pay winnings properly.

Therefore, if you do not want to have any problems when you are enjoying gambling, you have to make sure that the casino that you have chosen has a good reputation and is generally safe. The best way to know this information is to read users' reviews on the casino on independent platforms.

Secondly, if you want your experience to be as smooth and as entertaining as possible, you have to check the number of games that the casino offers, and it is better to choose the casino with the biggest number of games not only because it would provide a more diverse experience which means more fun, but also because it once again proves the credibility of the casino.

Moreover, you also should choose a casino that gives the best bonuses and rewards or has a low house edge because, at such online casinos, it is more probable to win something.

Pros & cons of Tether online casino

Using Tether as a casino payment method has advantages as well as disadvantages. The following table provides an overview of the pros and cons of using Tether for funding and payouts at Australian online casinos.


  • Tether transactions are instant.
  • Tether is safe and secure. It uses ERC30 Tokens, the Omni platform, and blockchain technology to ensure safety, security, and legal compliance.
  • Each Tether unit is always equal to US$1, which makes the cryptocurrency stable and less volatile than Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies.
  • Using Tether as a casino payment method is free of cost.
  • The fees to deposit and withdraw Tether tokens from your crypto wallet are nominal.
  • While deposits cost 0.1%, fiat withdrawals cost 0.4% or 1% or 3% based on the amount you want to withdraw.


  • Tether is not available as a casino payment method at most Australian online casinos.
  • Tether value doesn't increase like the value of Bitcoin.
  • Online casinos do not offer Tether-specific bonuses.

Advantage of BTC

Also, if for some reason you do not want to use Tether for the gambling payments, you can still use bitcoins. Using BTC as an online payment has all the advantages of using Tether. Moreover, you can earn even more because the price of bitcoin does not depend on USD.

Also, in case you do not want to use cryptocurrencies at all, in the next table, you can find the information on the popular payment services.

How does a Tether work

Following are the instructions to make online casino deposits with Tether:

  • Set up a crypto wallet by signing up at the Tether website.
  • You can use the crypto wallet to store Tether tokens and to make and receive payments.
  • Deposit Tether tokens into your crypto wallet through bank transfer.
  • Now create an account at an Australian online casino that supports Tether.
  • Login to your gaming account and visit the banking section. Choose Tether as your banking method.
  • Do take note of the crypto wallet address of the online casino.
  • Send Tether tokens to the online casino from your crypto wallet.
  • The fund transfer is instant, enabling you to start playing for real money instantly.

Tether withdrawals are just as simple and hassle-free as Tether deposits, as follows:

  • Select the "Withdraw" button visible under your account.
  • Choose Tether as a preferred payout method.
  • Provide your crypto wallet to the online casino.
  • After the online casino approves your payout request, your winnings will instantly hit your crypto wallet.
  • Withdraw your winnings to your bank account in USD.

How to play at Tether Online Casinos

Starting to play at Tether online casinos is a very easy task; in fact, you can play casino games with tether after just five minutes after you find a suitable casino. To start playing, you have to register an account and set Tether as your payment currency. Afterwards, you have to deposit crypto into your account via your Tether wallet.

Obviously, in order to start gambling at the best USDT casinos, before the abovementioned operations, you have to purchase Tether; remember that the online gambling industry is not 100% secure, so it is better to use reputable hardware wallet.

Tether Online Casino Bonuses and Free Spins

So far, we haven’t come across any online casino offering bonuses on Tether deposits. However, Tether online casinos offer a wide range of bonuses, including the following:

Type of Bonus


No Deposit Bonuses

Tether online casinos welcome newly registered players with cash bonuses and free spins. You do not need to make a real money deposit to claim this bonus.

Welcome Bonuses

You get a percentage of your first, second, and third deposit amounts as a bonus. For example, a 100% bonus doubles your deposit amount.

Reload Bonuses

Tether online casinos reward players with free spins and cash bonuses whenever they top up their accounts.

Cashback Bonuses

Reduce the risk of gambling by getting back a percentage of the losses you incurred while playing games for real money.

Loyalty Bonuses

Join the online casino’s VIP Program and receive loyalty rewards like free cash, free spins, deposit bonuses, and others.

Also, despite the fact that indeed there are no specific bonuses for Tether in some casinos, you can receive the bonuses which are designed for bitcoins even if you are playing with Tether.

Best Games at Tether online casino

The numbers of online casinos that accept Tether or other cryptocurrencies as payment methods are already big and is growing every day. Consequently, with the number of Tether online casinos, the number of Tether casino games has also increased, and now you can find many different games to play with Tether.

  • Firstly, Tether gambling can offer you many Tether slot machines games. In fact, you can find USDT slots games with almost any provider, and Tether slots can offer you many interesting possibilities to win; moreover, progressive jackpots slots are also available at Tether casinos. So, if you are a lover of slot games, USDT gambling is definitely for you.
  • Secondly, at Tether casinos, you can easily find many Tether poker games. It is especially easy to find online poker games against computers. However, currently, it is rather a hard task to find a place where you can play poker with real players using Tether.

Another game that can be easily found at almost any Tether casino is Blackjack. Currently, at most casinos, you can find both live dealer and video blackjack games.

Also, we have to mention that in casinos that accept Tether, you can find Tether roulette Both the live dealer and video options are available at Tether casinos. So, whatever your preferences are, with Tether, you can easily try your luck in roulette games, as well as classic table games.

Furthermore, we have to mention that Tether casinos offer plenty of Baccarat games. And you can easily make bets using Tether while playing one of the Baccarat games.

Moreover, if you are a lover of sports betting, you can do it with Tether easily because some of the Tether casinos have large sportsbooks and they allow betting with crypto, including Tether. So, with Tether, you can bet on almost any sports match across the world as well as on video games.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

What other cryptocurrencies can I use at Australian online casinos?

If you are unable to use Tether as a casino payment method, you can sign up at online casinos that allow you to deposit and withdraw with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many more.

Choose from our lists of best cryptocurrency online casinos for Australian players and sign up to play with the preferred cryptocurrency.

Can I receive bonuses if I use Tether as a casino payment method?

Yes, you can receive welcome bonuses and no deposit bonuses at casinos online, irrespective of the payment method you use to make a deposit. However, a few promotions may not be available to players who deposit with certain payment methods. Read the bonus terms & conditions carefully to avoid disappointment.

Does Tether Limited offer customer support?

The official Tether website has a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that provides detailed answers to beginner questions. You can also send an email to or connect with staff members on the social networks LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Can I deposit with Tether but withdraw with another payment method?

It depends on the online casino's banking policies. Most online casinos credit payouts with the same method you used to make deposits. However, online casinos that offer Tether as a deposit method but not as a withdrawal method allow you to withdraw with an alternative payment method like Bank Transfer.

Which is the best Tether online casino?

The best Tether online casino is a licensed online casino that offers Tether as a deposit and withdrawal option. Our experts have listed several licensed online casinos that offer Tether as a payment method. The best Tether online casino is the one that can best satisfy your gambling requirements.

Is tethering a gamble?

Virtually any cryptocurrency in the world can be considered to be a gamble due to the fact that they are not protected like fiat currencies. Therefore, they might change their prices, and you can win or lose on these fluctuations depending on your luck. However, with Tether, you are protected from this because the price of Tether depends on the price of the US Dollar.

Is Tether a safe investment?

Investing in anything can be a risky process, especially if we talk about cryptocurrencies because they are extremely volatile. However, the Tether team assures the clients that USDT is less risky than most crypto because it is one of the so-called stablecoins, and its value depends on the value of the US dollar.

Can you lose money in Tether?

Actually, you can lose money with any cryptocurrency including Tether. However, the chance of that happening with this crypto is relatively low because its price depends on the price of the US dollar. Nevertheless, there are still some risks because there are no ways to know whether there are enough dollars to support every Tether on the market.

What is the best Bitcoin casino?

There are many bitcoin casinos online; most of them are at the same time Tether casino sites. Therefore, if you want to try Bitcoin casinos,s you can pick something up from this article where we gave our list of top 3 tether casinos.

Where to Buy Tether?

Before playing at USDT casinos online, you obviously have to acquire some Tether crypto beforehand. There are many ways of buying every cryptocurrency, including Tether. The most popular way is online via various specialised sites where you can exchange your fiat currency for Tether as well as other cryptos. Note that for getting tether and playing with it at crypto casinos, you have to set up your crypto wallet.

What Is Tether (USDT)?

Tether, or in other words, USDT, is a cryptocurrency that was made on the same blockchain model as Bitcoin. However, it has one crucial difference, which is the fact that the price of Tether is protected by the US dollar, and one Tether is roughly equal to one USD. While Bitcoins are much more volatile and protected only by the beliefs of their owners.

What to Look for in a Tether Casino?

In tether casinos, like in every other crypto casino, you have to look at the safety, security, casino, and credibility of the Tether casino, as well as on reviews of other online casino players because those factors depend on the security of your funds and therefore your gaming experience.

Also, you have to look at the number of games that the casinos in question provide, as well as on the casino bonuses and wagering requirements.

Are Tether Casinos Legit?

In general, Tether casinos are definitely legit as long as you are playing in relatable casinos because in case you decide to play at a USDT casino, all the risks that you could encounter would come from the side of USDT casinos, so you can play casino games and search for Tether bonuses without worries.

How to deposit at a Tether Casino?

To make your first deposit funds at a USDT casino and enjoy Tether gambling is a pretty easy task, and you can achieve it in under 5 minutes. You just have to find the deposit button at the chosen casino, enter the amount that you want to deposit and accept the transaction using your Tether wallet.

How long does a Deposit Take in Tether Casinos?

Like with all other cryptocurrencies, deposits at Tether crypto casinos take minutes. Actually, you can expect funds to come to your gambling account within a minute after the transaction. However, the actual time would depend on your wallet and on the transaction provider. Also, the actual time would be different depending on the chosen online casino.

Can Tether be withdrawn from Tether Online Casinos?

Yes, you can withdraw Tether from your account as simple as you can deposit it. When you decide that it is time to withdraw your crypto, you would have to find the withdrawal button at your casino, press it, and set Tether as your currency. When it is done, you have to enter information on your Tether account and wait for your crypto winnings. When you receive them, you can sell your Tether at crypto exchanges.

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