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Summary:3 Reels, 1 Payline

Jackpot: Progressive

Safe Cracker Slot

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Where to play this slot?
# Casino Bonus Review Play
1 Fly Casino Fly Casino € $ £ 110 Review Play
2 Omni Online Casino Omni Casino € $ £ 100 Review Play
3 Casino Plex Casino Plex € $ £ 500 Review Play
4 Swiss Casino Swiss Casino € $ £ 100 Review Play
5 Casino King Casino King € $ £ 100 Review Play
6 Club777 Casino Club777 Casino € $ £ 777 Review Play

Safe Cracker Complete Review

Overall information
3 Reels, 1 Payline
Coin Size:
$0.25 - $5.00
Max coins:
Win Comb:
Bonus round:
Free spins:
Jackpot Progressive Jackpot $0.00

Safe Cracker is a progressive slot from PlayTech. To play the game you must wager from 1 to 3 coins per spin. The coin value is $5, $1, $0,50 and $0,25. Depending on the bet you make you can pretend to get the correspondent jackpot:

An average Safe Cracker $5 jackpot reaches $58,000 that is hit every 22 days.
Safe Cracker $1 jackpot reaches $11,700 and is hit every 55 days.
Safecracker 50c can reach about $6,000 and is hit every 55 days.
Safecracker 25c can reach about $3,000 and is hit every 55 days.

Safe Cracker is a 3 reel, 1 payline slot with the cracking the safe theme. The graphics is unusual for slots. You will see the safe that you must crack. The symbols are Cash, Dynamite, Key, Drill and Safe Cracker Tools. 3 Cash symbols hit the progressive jackpot. If you have wagered two coins you will get 4000 coins for 3 Cash symbols. If you play 1 coin game you win 2,000 coins for 3 Cash symbols.

Three Keys on the payline trigger Safe Cracker bonus game. The safe opens and you can see 10 cashboxes inside. Seven of them have bonus coins and three boxes activate alarm. You should pick one of them and if it contains some coins inside you have a right to choose the next one. The bonus game stops when you find an empty box.

About Safe Cracker slots in online casino with 1 Paylines

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