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Double Attack Blackjack

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Double Attack Blackjack Complete Review

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Double Attack Blackjack gets its name because the player can double his bet after seeing the dealer’s face up card.

Deck: Double Attack Blackjack is played with eight Spanish decks. The difference between the standard deck and the Spanish deck is that the standard has 52 cards while the Spanish deck has 48 cards, because all the tens are removed in the Spanish deck.

Dealing:Once the player has placed his bet one dealer card is dealt face up and the player can place an additional Double Attack bet that is up to the size of his initial betbased on the dealer’s first face up card. Once the player has decided to bet or not to bet, two player’s cards are dealt face up and the dealer has his second card face down. After thatthe game goes on in the traditional blackjack manner.

Split: when you split your hand, the bet amount of split hands are equal the initial and the Double Attack bet.

Doubling: the player may double only the initial bet or both the initial and the Double Attack bets.

Insurance: the dealer has to check for blackjack as in a usual blackjack variation. If the dealer’s face up card is an Ace, the player can make an Insurance bet before the dealer checks for blackjack.

Surrender: The player can surrender after he has hit several times, after he has doubledor split. He can’t split once he has stood.

Some other rules: if the player places a Double Attack bet against anace or face card, he will only lose the initial bet in the event thatthe dealer has a Blackjack.

Bust It Side Bet: an optional bet that is placed in advance together with the initial bet for the regular game. A Bust It bet cannot be placed if the player is not playing the main game. The Bust It bet wins when the dealer busts with three cards. The dealer draws a third card (never mind if the player’s hand has bust or he has a blackjack) so that the Bust It side bet plays. This bet can pays out even if the player loses the main game. The Bust It bet pays out according to the pay table.

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