Favorite online casino games

If you enjoy gambling online (or even offline), you’ve probably tried multiple games. But which is your favorite? Do you enjoy the unpredictability of slots games or do you prefer video poker? Or perhaps you favor roulette or dice games? You may not realize that your favorite type of online casino game says a lot about you. Your personality affects the type of game you favor significantly, so you can learn a little about yourself by thinking about the games you play when you’re gambling online.

Slots casino games free

Slots games are anarchic and uncontrollable: there’s no way to predict what will happen during a dabble! As such, those who enjoy these games tend to be unabashed thrill-seekers. Slots players live in the moment and enjoy being a little bit out of control. They are the ‘free spirits’ of the online gambling world: they’re more interesting in having a good time than in winning big payouts (though they still get excited when they happen to win a substantial amount of money, of course).

Roulette and dice list of casino games

There are only a certain number of combinations that a set of dice can land on. Similarly, there are only a certain number of places the ball can land on a roulette wheel. What’s more, roulette (along with many dice games) offers players the opportunity to place bets with equal (or near-equal) odds and other higher probability bets. In other words, these games are governed by mathematics and probabilities. Though the events of a roulette or dice game can’t be predicted with complete accuracy, they do obey certain mathematical rules. As such, those who enjoy these games tend to be thoughtful. They are often strategic thinkers who like to test their wits by trying to ‘play the odds’. Even if they don’t ‘play the odds’, they still relish the stark, mathematical simplicity of a spinning roulette wheel or a rolling dice. They are cooler and more logical than slots games players and value rationality above all else.

Video poker – play free games in online casinos

Gamblers who indulge in video poker and similar games tend to be highly competitive and dynamic. They enjoy being able to strategy, but games like roulette and dice games are too cold and clinical for their tastes: they value the opportunity to use their intuition (by choosing which cards to discard and which to keep) and love to be in control of a game.

Whatever type of gambler you are, there’s a game for you! All gamblers, however, are united by their shared affection for a good game. Just remember to help keep the world of online casinos fun and safe by gambling responsibly!

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